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Stories of LORD Venkateswara ( Balaji)

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Hi friends

I gone through all topics in the forum and it seems no one is discussing about Lord venkateswara , THE Present lord of Kaliyugu ,( Kaliyuga prathyaksha daivam ) , The Lord Who is Very near to his devoties , The Lord who responds immediately to his divoties when they call him ,in troubles . So I would like to start a topic on our dear Lord .


Lord venkateswara , is supposed to be the Most Powerful avathara of Lord Vishnu .

And That too a clear ,near ,and Reacent avathara of Kaliyugu .

The Lord , selected a beautifull place for Himself in tirupati ,Andhra pradesh ,with seven hills ,thus called as Lord of seven hills ( Edukondala Vadu )

and HIS temple in tirumala is the Richest temple in the world .

Our dear Lord stepped his foot on this earth to to clean the sins of people of kaliyuga and to Provide Mukthi for HIS DIVOTEES from this Maya or samsara sagara ( cycle of births and deaths ) .

I dont know about the other deities ,but Lord balaji is promised other devata's that this avathara is meant for people in kaliyuga ,as kaliyuga is said to be the time when human lives with too much of adharma and commit sins .


Lord vishnu left vaikunta as godess lakshmi leaves him after a rishi called brughu humiliates Lord vishnu by kicking on his chest ( vakshasthala ) which is the place of lakshmi .

Lord naarayana , in search for his dearest lakshmi come to earth ,which results this avathara ,and thus starts the story of Lord of seven hills

friends , i would like to have a great discussion on the story, passtimes ,and facts of balaji ..


smile for a while



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Thanks for reminding me. There is a really beautiful Balaji temple in my area. I think I now have my weekend plans set. Every Saturday they do a complete Abhishek of the deity. Its very beautiful. I remember there are two audio files on this site under the audio section that tell various stories about Lord Venkateswara, perhaps check those out. Also, if anyone has any stories please do post. It really is a beautiful form of the Lord - but aren't they all Posted Image



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I too have always been attracted to this form of the Lord. Once I made a batik and then jewelled it up with beads and trims. I think there is such a temple in the Malibu Hills. Many years ago we were camping out nearby and very much surprised to come actross this temple. Is this a Vyenkatesvara temple, does anyone know?



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sdk: please tell us about Balaji. I went there years ago and the experience was incredible. Somehow in the middle of summer we made it to Tirupati and we stood with all the pilgrims waiting for darshan. Our group consisted of a Japanese, a redheaded Costa Rican, a Madrasi and your lowly servant. We chanted with everybody, "Govinda, Govinda" waiting in the long lines. So many of the pilgrims were shaved up, including the women. They donated their hair. Too vain to do that, we prefered to take the gold earrings from our ears and the rings from our fingers and donated to the Lord.

Darshan of Sri Venkateshvar was awesome to say the least and the ladhus that we had for prasada were really tasty.

I'm praying that one day may I be able to go back to Tirupati and Tirumala and have darshan of the Lord again. I also remember the temple of Govinda before you go up the hill.

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Lord vishnu in searching for goddess lakshi set HIS foot on Sheshachala ( the group of seven hills ) . there he decided to settle down .


He encountered Vakulaadevi ( who is yeshoda ,mother of Lord krishna , his previous avathara .

Actually Lord krishna grants a boon to yeshoda that she will again born as vakuladevi in his next incarnation as Lord Venkateswara in kaliyuga ,as she asks him she wants to see his marriege celebration ,which she hasnt attended any of his marriege celebrations despite he married 8 times ( lists rukmini ,satybhama etc.. )

) . Vakuladevi starts serving him and she calls him sreenivasa ( THE POSSESSER of wealth ) .

But He replies that he is poor now ( since lakshmi already left him )

meanwhile , Lord sreenivasa one file goes for hunting ,and he saws a beauitful woman who is padmavati ,the doughter of Akasharaja and story goes on .


finally Lord manifests himself as a statue to drag people of kaliyuga out of samsara sagara ( the ocean of births and deaths )


can anybody identify the the year or century when lord venkateswara appeared on EARTH ?


friends if u want to read full story of Lord please visit www.tirumala.org ,there you can find a full story



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Reference to Lord Venkateshwara in Vedic Puranas

Maha Vishnu as Venkateshwara(Srinivasa) with names as Venkateshwara and Srinivasa is clearly mentioned in the Puranas like Varaha Purana, Padma Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Garuda Purana, Markandeya Purana, Brahmottara Purana, skanda Purana, Aditya UpaPurana etc. These Puranas has clearly mentioned the names Venkatesha and Srinivasa of Seshadri pati(Lord of Seshadri hills) and venkatachala vasa.


Sri Venkatesha Mahatmyan (Glories of Lord Srinivasa) is mentioned in the Varaha Purana and Aditya UpaPurana.


In Brahmanda Purana there is a Prayer (stotra) by Brahma deva to Lord Sri Venkateshwara. Brahmanda Purana also has Venkateshwara Sahasra Nama and Venkatesha Astottara Nama of Lord Sri Venkateshwara which is uttered every morning in Tirumala after first bell and another Astottara Nama from Varaha Purana after second bell.


In Brahmanda Purana mentions Vyshista Maharshi in Treta Yuga explained Venkateshwara and Tirumala Glories to Narada.


Lord Sri Venkateshwara's great posture on Tirumala is glorified in the Bhavishyottara Purana.


Markandeya purana mentions Sri Venkateshwara Vajra Kavacha Sthothram by sage Markandeya.


And also in Skanda Puranam there is prayer named Sri Venkatesa stotram.


Padma Purana mentions about Goddess Sri Padmavati Tayar and Srinivasa marriage.

The Mantras uttered in the Tirumala temple for Lord Sri Venkatesha is mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana and Varaha Purana.

SrI vEdavyAsa encapsulated, the proclaimed mahima, in another masterpiece, called SrI vEmkaTESa mAhAtmyam as part of AdityapurANAmtargata prabamdham and this was told to all Rushi's by Suta Maharshi who also told Srimad Bhagavatam.

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