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Tantra and Mantra

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Respected Members,


I am very interested in Indian Occult Sciences and has been reading these things as hobby.


But so far, I did not have any practical experiences, which can prove the claims, of what can be achieved through tantra and mantra.


I participated in some yagya etc, but did not see any miracles as such.


Has anyone perfected any sadhna? Has anyone seen pishach during any tantric rite? Is anyone blessed by these God/Pishach's? If yes, how to go about it?


Thanks in advance.




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Utmost precaution is needed while dealing with mantra and tantra esp. this Tantra.


Tantric gurus are not really elevated to spiritual consciousness.They take control of some lower plane deities and manipulate things.Kali tantra,left hand tantrism and all are very very dangerous if followed or guided by a wrong person.Pronouncing a spell,creating illusion,nullism etc are the main tantric practices.These things are not at all related to spirituality.Infact one who has complete faith in Lord Hari is never affected by this tantra and all.


For eg,when Dhurvasa got angry with Ambarisha a great Vishnu devotee he created a spell with help of a paishasha.


At that time sudarshana chakra came to rescue of Ambarisha and killed that paishasha.


Hence I humbly request not to go to tantric practice.Life will become miserable because those vital entities cannot do any good really.


Also in Kamakya Assam these tantric practices and kali tantra,blood sacrifice are famous.But one has to stay away from them and worship Kali only in deity form.It is best if one surrenders to the lotus feet of Vishnu for by that act he surpasses all other low level dangers)


On other hand Yantra and mantra worship are not harm like tantric practice but they require great austerities and celibacy.

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I agree with you comments ranga. Tantra is bit risky affair, and I am not sure if someone should be involved in it.


I was involved in these things to large extent and I was on the verge of leaving everything to become saint/trantrik. But for some reason I back tracked.


I read books like Mantra Rahasya by Shrimaliji, and I was very very impressed. I wanted to each and everything. I even tried, but could not get 'success' in terms of meeting some divine creature (sorry if this is not right word). I was doing many sadhnas, also went to graveyard for some sadhna with friends, but at the end there was nothing.


So, I want to satisfy myself that such things are for real. Most renowned tantriks either dont appear in public and the ones that are there are simply fake.





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haha... how can you ever realize Truth if you have so many desires?


root out these desires, they veil Truth from you...

destroy these useless desires..

they are born from the useless ego...


concentrate on Self-realization, all these tantric things dont matter.

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to fulfill some of them and to learn in the process that they are useless.


To see the truth of such desires directly is the most effective learning avaiable in my opinion.



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the truth about desire and its uselessness can be seen in everyday life.


but i guess to a point u are rite... for as the saying goes "each to his own"


so maybe for this guy, gaining tantric siddhas and seeing that those things do not lead to the ultimate realization of Truth, just might be the way..


Om Namah Shivaya

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i found i was able, by meditation, to obtain some intense powers of mental communication. there is a reason why i was able to develop them so quickly and strongly and this was due to the nature of my relationship with the other person i wanted to communicate with. i found myself being able to send and receive mental messages. my power of intuition and foresight started to develop. my mind became almost literally a live wire. other than that, i could certainly energise my body to make it more lively, stronger. at other times i felt i was able to affect the environment directly around me by my physical presence alone, though i never got the chance to develop this further. i also had an experience of meeting an astral body, though i dont know if this was real or imagined. after a while though i stopped this meditation practice, it did me more harm than good, and intensified my anger and confusion to levels i could barely cope with. it's not the right path to take, and definately needs proper training and guidance.

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can i also say that, more recently i have discovred an odd ability, where i feel im able to direct the flow of (blood / energy?) in my brain to the front or back, left or right. i dont know if everyone can do this, or is aware of doing this, but ive found after meditating, im aware of it. maybe it's nothing, or maybe it is something, i will see what it does in the end.. nothing to do with tantra or mantra id think, but i suppose this is the power of meditation.

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In evolutionary terms human brain devloped 3.5 times in 3 million years.this was phenomenal by any standards.In all other animals almost 99% of braincells are required for living i.e.breathing ,eating ,digesting, blood supply ,locomotion etc.We human beings because of brain size use only about 20% of braincells for living .Due to spare cells we have several unique abilities such as colour vision [which no other animal has],Spatial orientation,maths,physics,music, philosophy etc. Some of abilites which may exist[i repeat may] in human beings are telephathy,Teleportation etc. Meditation also has science explaination about it. Pl. expriment with these but do not ascribe any god to it. let us try and find out more. /images/graemlins/confused.gif

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Apparently there's Good Tantra and Bad Tantra. There's also things like Excorcism in Tantra. You have to be very careful because most people parading as Tantra gurus are fake. There are very few true Tantra masters in this world and you have to seek them out. In the west all of the western practitioners are fake and are ill-using it for sex.






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Tantric widhi essentially believed that that you could achieve moksha by prolonging the sexual union and orgasm.It had TANTRA i.e. the way or method of it, MANTRA i.e. the holy incantations and YANTRA i.e. using things arranged in a particular way ,for example mantra inscribed on a copper plate and positioned east -west.Present shreeyantra is a relic of that.

The basis for tantra is that Bramha is Shaswat Aanand i.e. eternal joy,the same joy is there in a sexual union but it is elusive as it goes away after orgasm or climax.Therefore if one can prolong the union one can achieve moksha.

Tantra has it's origin in both Budghism [surprised?] & hinduism.Tantric budhism is known as Vajryan,Mahaayn,Sahajyaan,Kaalcharkayaan.These budhists found Budha in eternal sexual union with Tara. according to the tantric budhism we must forget the world while in the sexual union and make oneself Bodhichitta[budha mind].This sex is anandroop [joy] as well as shantiroop[peace].Even today Tibetian budhism has leftover of this worship. In some of the bhudhist places of learning there were Basements & rooms reserved for studying this.

Hindus had several panth or sects doing sex worship such as Kaalmukh,Paashupat,Kaapalic,lakulish,Gaanpatya,shakta,

Bhairwanath etc.These are mainly shaivic sects.Khajraho and Konark belong to this part of tantric scluptures.

The major textbook on tanric rites is 'TANTRALOK' of Abhinavgupta [10th century A.D.]According to AbhinavguptA a man or woman who in sex forgets self & ego, achieves a sexual union which leads to mokhsa,he or she is the true BRAMHACHARI,[surprise,surprise]All manners of unions between men and women ,multiple sex, sex with relatives etc.is recommended.

Tantric pooja is based on five 'M's Madya[liquor],Maans[Meat], Matsya[fish],Maithun[sexual union], Mudra [poses]

In tanric pooja Parigraha meaning sexual orgies of every description are described in detail.No union is prohibited.Yoni pooja was common.

The whole tanric upasana is horrifying therefore several rulers and kings along with several religious heads tried to stamp it out over hundreds of years,still thwe relics like Shree-yantra[not tantric anymore] survive.The entire hindu society has struggled against this horror for hundreds of years.The experinces during meditation are different from tantric experiences.

My request to everyone is stay away from tantric cults .It can lead to destruction of the entire society.I have written all this in such detail so people know the true nature of tantricism.

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{The whole tanric upasana is horrifying therefore several rulers and kings along with several religious heads tried to stamp it out over hundreds of years,still thwe relics like Shree-yantra[not tantric anymore] survive.The entire hindu society has struggled against this horror for hundreds of years.The experinces during meditation are different from tantric experiences.}


I think that's why Hindu leaders want to distance themselves from it by stating it is not a part of Hinduism, but rather a degraded cult. Or refer to it as non-vedic or anti-vedic Hinduism. But what role does the Agamas play in Tantra and how is that related to Vaishnavism, Shaivism and Shaktaism? I have heard that these text tried to 'overthrow' the Vedas by adopting similar practices such as rituals and mantras and philosophy and crept into those three traditions with some success.

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In Sanskrit 'agama' means acquisition of knowledge. In terms of religious sources, the Agamas are as important as the Vedas. They are also not derived from the Vedas. The Agamas are manuals of divine worship. They deal with such topics as the codes of temple building, image making, and the modes of worship. Saivism, Vaishnavism and Shaktism have their own respective Agamas.A majority of Agamas deal with Tantric worship.


Saivism recognizes 28 principal Agamas and 150 sub agamas. Some of them date back to 2nd Century AD. Various schools of Saivism such as the the Saiva Siddhantha school, Tamil Saivism, Kashmiri Saivism and Vira Saivism follow these texts and base their religious activity upon them. The most prominent agama text in Saivism is the Kamika. These texts consider Siva as the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the Highest Self, the Conscious Principle while Shakti is regarded as the unconscious or the natural principle who is the cause of bondage. The union of Shakti with Siva at the highest level leads to the freedom of the soul (pasu) from the Pasa or the attachment.This is about sexual union


The Followers of Shaktism follow 27 Agamas also called Tantras. Shaktism considers the Mother Goddess as the Supreme Self and relegates Iswara, the Divine Father, to a secondary position. In Shaktism the Divine Mother is both the cause of delusion (maya) and the source of liberation. Shaktism gave birth to the practice of Tantric forms of worship which were not generally acceptable to the followers of Vedic methods of worship. The Agamas of Shaktism deal with magical and occult knowledge, besides mechanical, ritualistic, devotional and spiritual aspects of Tantric forms of worship


The Vaishnava Agamas are grouped into four categories namely the Vaikhanasa, Pancharatra, Pratishthasara and Vijnanalalita. Of these, the Vaishanavites consider the Pancharatra Agama as the most important (Swami Sivananda). These Agamas are believed to have been revealed by Narayana Himself. The Pancharatra Agama is again subdivided into seven sub agamas namely, the Brahma, Saiva, Kaumara, Vasishtha, Kapila, Gautamiya and the Naradiya. The Pancharatra Agamas consider Vishnu as the Supreme Lord of the Universe and devotion to Vishnu as the sure path to liberation. According to another opinion, the Vaikhanasagama is the most ancient and most important Agama and all the Agamas practically and literally copied all their information from this sacred Agama. It is believed that the Vaikhanasa Agama was originally compiled under the guidance of sage Vaikhanasa during the early Vedic period. Sri Madhavacharya held Pancharatra texts in high esteem and equated them with the Vedas and the epics, while Sri Shankaracharya had a different opinion. Shakracharya always tried to stamp out Tantric riuals & sex worship.


According to Tantric classification the Agamas are five types namely:Sakta Agamas, Soura Agamas, Ganapatya Agamas, Saiva Agamas and Vaikhanasa Agamas.These are agama which deal with Tantric riuals & sex worship.




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