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pierre, welcome.


"do you know if krishna is a historic person?"


good question. different people will have different theories on whether or not krishna was real. some historians claim 'krishna' was the sum of the lives of different historic or heroic men. krishna could also be the amalgamation of the vedic god krishna, the king krishna, and the general krishna, if indeed they were separate. if you are christian, this will cause alarm bells to ring undoubtedly, but dont be mistaken that our religion is founded on flimsy logic or stories. saints such as prabhupada lived and died immersed in Krishna, immersed in God. they will swear by knowing Him personally, just as the christian is immersed in the holy spirit. christian manifestations are the same as spiritual ecstacy felt with pure love for God. existance knowledge bliss. omnipotence, omnipresence. these 'concepts' are not exclusive to christianity. i would encourage you to research perhaps, the work of vivekananda, chapters regarding the gita and on krishna himself to get a better perspective, if you could access his books. regardless, the knowledge imparted by krishna is more important than anything, and krishna's character is altogether coherant with his teachings. for the more faithful amongst us, the discovery of the city of dwaraka brings us one step closer to belief in him having existed, and having taught mankind, years before buddah, and years before christ. krishna did say however, this: ""Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.". Perhaps when we reach the spiritual capacity to go beyond material arguments, such a question would not matter, we'd have acheived a total relationship with God. (a true one, not a so-called 'misconception' or 'false god' as the church would have you believe). Whoever the character of krishna was, he claimed to be God. not a son, not a prophet, nothing else, but God Himself. if he was not, then Veda Vyas, or whoever the author of the upanishads was, certainly had divine inspiration, the lessons themselves are enlightening. id also mention that the scriptural references to jesus' existance are no more or no less proof as the scriptural references for krishna.


"is the incarnation of krishna the same thing as the incarnation of jesus"


the christians say that they are different. the church's doctrine centres around the belief that he is simply the only answer, there were none before, there are none after that are true 'representatives' of God besides christ himself. anything that is not christian is therefore regarded as false, blasphemous, unreal, satanic, etc. but let me tell you that the teachings of jesus are, on vedantic interpretation at least, very different to the teachings of the church. all you need to know about the hindu perspective is that krishna stated that different era's in time call for Him to descend upon the earth, to uphold righteousness and rid it of evil. Hindu's regard jesus as an incarnation who came for a different time and different purpose, as each of them have. or if he is as exclusive as christians like to make him, then take a leaf out of prabhupada's answer for the same question you raised. jesus was the son of God. God is Krishna. i dont expect christians to tolerate or to understand this concept in the least, because the bible is a straighforward history of israel. it does not incorporate any other spiritual progression of any other country in the world. gnostic thoughts are exluded. the vedas dont seem to either, for india. christians however believe that jesus is the son of the one true God, Jehova. (however it needs to be spelt). the hindu's believe Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead, an incarnation of brahman (the impersonal) and ishavara (personal) aspects of God. id note that brahman / ishavara are nouns, whereas Jehova is a name. you can't compare. whether you think they are the same God is up to you. christian argument is that Jehova is 'real', that he is GOD opposed to 'God' or 'god', and that he is manifest holy spirit, the father and son. from personal experience, i find no difference, regardless of name or doctrine. my experiences of God don't change according to the religion i follow. once again, refer to vivekananda's works for better understanding on religions.


"Do you know if hindus have sacrements like Christian ?"


hindu's have purification rituals, such as prayers, but there is no formal initiation rite. that is because when hinduism is conducted in its proper format, it is sanathana dharma - universal righteousness. it is the truth shared by one and all, not limited by religion. in a sense, we are all hindus, practicing hinduism. there is no exit or entrance. there are no stone-set laws. we are all children of the same God. it's not an establishment you join.


hope these answers were helpful,



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Hi Pierre


Do you know if Krishna is a historic person ?


Krishna is not a person but He is the Original Person from whom everthing emanates. All that you see, feel or dream (moving or non moving, spiritual or material) has its origin in Krishna.Therefore He is very much a historic person of millions of Unverses/Glaxies.


Is the Incarnation of Krishna the same thing as the incarnation of Jesus ?


Jesus is son of GOD, where as Krishna is that father whom Jesus is referring too.


Do you know if hindus have sacrements like Christian ?


Yes, there are many and they are called Samskaras. It starts right from the time husband & wife wants to concieve the child in the womb and until the last rite of the same.


However many people in general do not practice this as it is voluntary and purely out of love or knowledge not by force or fear.


Hope this will help


you may write to me directly at vijaya.madhava@gamil.com if you need more clarification or any help

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