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Meditation on the Divine Dream of Shri Radha about Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu

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Svapana Vilasamrita: Meditation on the Divine Dream of

Shri Radha about Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu:



Eight Prayers Describing Nectar Pastimes in a Dream

by Shrila Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakura


(1) Srimati Radharani said: Beloved, in a dream I saw a river shore like the Yamuna here. There were many expert dancers as in Vrndavana. There were mrdangas and other instruments. There was a brahmana jewel personality (Gauranga) as splendid as lightning who was tossing the universe into an ocean of pure love.


(2) Sometimes He calls out: "O Krsna!" and sometimes He sighs: "O Radha, where are You?" Sometimes He falls to the ground, sometimes He acts wildly, losing all composure, and sometimes He dances ecstatically with His loving associates. He has made all the residents of this world, from the blades of grass up to Lord Brahma, loudly call out the name of Krsna.


(3) As I gazed at Him, My intelligence became bewildered. If He is my lover, where am I? If He is I, where is My lover? If He is My lover, where am I? As I slept, I became more and more bewildered.


(4) Sri Krsna said: O inquisitive girl, when I showed You Narayana and My other forms You were not surprised. Why does this golden brahmana form Gauranga surprise You? Why does He bewilder You so You say "Who is He?"


(5) After speaking these words to His beloved, the smiling lover, Krsna, touched His Kaustubha jewel. The jewel, understanding the Lord's intent, glowed and then showed all the same pastimes and all the moving and non moving entities She saw in her dream.


(6) Srimati Radharani reflected for a moment and said: Beloved, I know what is in Your heart now that makes You smile. You are He Gauranga. What You have said and thought is now clear to Me, and therefore I think I am also He.


(7) Making this Kaustubha jewel, which is so delightful to Us, shine in this way, You have revealed Yourself as Gauranga to all living entities. By Your own transcendental potency You will appear, display Your pastimes, teach everyone, and again plunge the world into the ocean of pure love.


(8) In the king of Vraja's presence, the learned Vedic scholar Gargacarya said that You will appear with a yellow complexion as Gauranga. He did not lie. This dream of Mine is true. It is not an illusion. In this dream I have directly seen You.


(9) If the bumble-bee of the reader's mind drinks the nectar of this Svapna-vilasamrta, then that intelligent reader will quickly awaken from the dream of materialistic doubt. Such a reader will attain Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu. He will sport in the ocean of pure love. He will attain the peerless mercy of the king of Vrndavana.


Those Two Divine Persons Shri Shri Radha Krishna in Nidhuvana surrounded by girlfriends in all directions sleeping in the lazy lounging of mellows at the end of night, the Moon-faced One gets Shri Radha up crying and crying. She saw a dream and speaks to Her dearest Friend Lord Krishna. "get up! get up! Oh Lord of My life! what have I seen Just now? He was a youth with a fair golden complexion and such a beautiful body conquering millions of Cupids. He looked like the King of Mellows and the veritable reservoir of relishable tastes. He was continuously decorated with ecstatic moods like tears, trembling, goose-bumps and dancing and singing in the greatest divine madness. Beholding that matchless beauty, My eyes are inundated with tears and My mind runs to catch another glimpse of Him. That golden form like a fresh new raincloud the storehouse of most delicious divine mellows:


I can't see Him here with My eyes! Why has this fate befallen Me? Please tell Me the reason, dear Lord! here in Vrindavan I have seen many demigods of the forest with four arms or more: they never disturbed My mind but this Gauranga Form has completely stolen My mind!"


Saying this much, the most fortunate Radhika falls into a deep swoon and the most clever of Relishers Lord Krishna takes Her into His lap and seeing this the poet Jagadananda is captivated.


Hearing these nectarean words from Radha's lips the clever Krishna contemplates His response blossoming from His own ecstatic moods. He says, "Dear Sundari Radha? oh Beautiful Maiden! No one knows the golden-complexioned form of Gauranga which You speak about but I have taken such a golden form being enchanted only with Your love.


What is the quality of Your love? What is the degree of Your sweetness? What is the source of Your happiness? - these three most valuable desires of Mine are not fulfilled in Vrindavana what more can I say? This limitation is incomprehensible!


After due consideration I have decided that other than by assuming Your form I cannot taste such happiness at all. Accepting the luster of Your ecstatic moods and making Your love My Guru I will manifest Myself in Navadvipa as Lord Gauranga serving My heart's intention I will be freed from all inner obstacles and I will distribute the wealth of ecstatic loue to every corner of the universe." The poet Balarama dasa says my Lord Gauranga-Krishna is full of mercy but I am the most fallen among men and I have failed to worship Him.


Listen to My desires, oh Beautiful Maiden Radha! I will manifest the ecstatic love of Vrindavana and together with all My cowherd friends I will sport in the towns of Navadvipa. Unifying Our two bodies into one form I will incessantly chant My and Your holy name. I can never leave Vraja for pure love is not attainable anywhere else so in the mood Vraja I will fulfill My desires and manifest Navadvipa which is completely non-different from Vraja." The poet Balarama dasa has a realization of this conversation.


Hearing these words of Her Beloved Shri Krishna, the Moon-faced One Shri Radha was very happy in Her heart and She said, "Listen, oh Lord of My life! You have certainly told the truth I know now that My dream was factual, oh what a beautiful form I had seen! Continuing Our companionship, Our two bodies will become one. It will be impossible to understand how it happens for how will You remove Your crown? And how will You hide Your flute? And how will Your dark form become golden?"


Hearing this, the moon-like Lord Krishnachandra displayed the reflection of Shri Radha's body in His brilliant Kaustubha gem and entering into it Himself, two bodies became one and its every limb was pervaded with ecstatic love.


This was Their conversation at Nidhuvana and Their two bodies became one and thus took birth in Navadvipa - meeting with all Their dearest devotees and chanting the gaurahari-nama-sankirtana They inundated the entire universe in the gushing flood of purely ecstatic love by their sankirtana.


Externally They delivered the fallen souls and internally They tasted divine mellows of sporting in the company of the cowherd boys and the cowherd girls of Vrindavana. The mind of the poet Vaishnava dasa sees Their reddish lotus feet but is unable to see the waves of such happiness. Shri Radhika tells Her girlfriend:


"My eyes flow with ever-ebbing tides of tears and tears of bliss. In a dream I have seen Gauranga-Kishora. Each and every day He happily sports in. Navadvipa along with His devotees.


Oh My dear girlfriend! What more can I say about the ecstasy of My night? Every night I dream of the moon-like face of Shri Gaurangachandra. All the townspeople of Navadvipa are so disturbed when they don't see Lord Gauranga but when they catch a glimpse of His face all their sorrows are cast afar."


Not seeing these visions my heart splits and Narahari dasa rolls in the dust weeping. (end)


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