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Rama & Meat eating

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What is wrong if Rama ate meet. He was a khatriya and normally they eat meet. Even he was an avtar or Vishnu he lived like a human with all human emotions.




What they don't do, however, is keep slaughterhouses. Ksatriyas hunt, that's their training. How can you defend a country if you cannot hunt? What is the use of your vegetarian society if it is so peaceful that it can be easily taken over by yavanas?

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I don't understand how to delete this post I accidentally wrote.

Sri Janakivallabho vijayatey..

Dear Brault,There is no need to delete this post.This is not a sin to ask for sth...everyone has right to know..I appreciate it..It`s a real human spirit,and human tendecy...without it we cd nt have come so far...

SO,Keep It Up..

I`m a Brahman,But I don`t know if I`m an Atheist or Theist..

well to clear my stand I`ll say I`m a Theist.

I do believe in God..But only in The form of an absolute Power.I come from a very much traditional and religious family.

I`m saying about myself to make it easy for you to interpret my point from my perspective...

You believe it or not but every single person who have his reasonal faculties at the right place interpret a text from his own perspective,it depends upon the time,contexts,situationetc..in India there there r some other factors that can b included in this category like castes and creeds and so many others....even women iterpret the same text differently than the men...students interpret a text differently than professors...a historian describes a text differently than a poet or an artist...

The meaning of things chanes from generation to generation this is the 'Zeitgeist',,this is the law of Natures..everything keep changing with the time...

You must have read the posts written here.they really vaying from each-other,that signifies that it depends upon the self,how you interpret a text,,how far u can think,,how broad your mind is and so on...

i don`t want to interpret the sloka..because I`m nt capable of doing it..off course I know sanskrit I can read and write in sanskrit...besides I also know German very well..but I`ll not go for the Interpretation of the text..what I`ll go for is the Factors that might have effected the authors or the interpreters or the translators..

To be a good Translator one must Possess the full knowledge of the subject one going to deal with,and I don`t think that my knowledge of indian culture is enough to interpret the text on my own..but as I have already said I can also interpret the text in my own way based on my knowledge and experiences..

Here I`ll go with the given Interpretation..But`ll nt talk about the translator of that sloka,but about whom,who have written it,,,off course The Sage Valmiki.

I can remember that in schooldays,and very intensively in the University, before writting a term paper on any Literary article or any stories,Poems Dramas etc..we used to gather knowledge about the Author very extensively,such as the Background of the author,in this case the religious inclination is also important,education politics,cultures and a lot many things that was the Zeitgeist of that era...

we try to know about the other works by the author,the subjects he deals with,the things he criticise,etc..

In a Nutshell we try to be the author ourselves. We try to to thinkfrom the`authors mind but being concious of our own time and context...

ohh god I`m tired of typing the wordos now..

well now in short we need to be the Valmiki,and live in the Jungle with the same traditions..

now what comes in our mind when we think of jungle...for non-vegetarians different kinds of birds and animals and for veggies..flowers and fruits...

And from the scriptures we also know that valmiki was a notorious Robber,a hunter,living in the jungle with his family..

so being familiar with the Valmiki by now we know him lifestyle..we can think of his eating habbits..

But off course he was not an animal so he also had his own faculties..

he might have thought of the cities and living-styles of the king..

and as historians men were prior meat-eaters..even today many tribes in india lives in jungles and Meat is their most delicate eateries,...

So what I`m trying to say is That when a hunter think of a delicate eateries it is very obvious that the various meat-dishes will come to his mind,like a child wd think of sweets or chocolates..like an adult wd think of wine and girls...

so these are some very simple things that r very closure to people...off course it varies in different age goups,withe various regions and religoons and cultures,and also in sexes..

So what Valmiki thinks that what Ram`ll miss in the Jungle is off course the delicate foods..but it`s not clear to him what these foods can be...

so he write about the food without which he himself cannot live...the meats..

now the contradiction is that how can one miss the NON-VEGS being in Jungle...

And this clearly indicates that Valmiki is confused,he only tries to say that Ram will miss the DELICATE FOODS.. but since he doesn`t know it he write about the meat..

Another thing is that a prince can not prepare his own foods...

So he`ll miss the Meats in the jungle because he can not cook himself..\

there can be hundreds of iterpretations...

what we need is to think without any prejudices...

Now I must Go Otherwise I`ll miss my DeliCAte food veg-Biryani..

It`s dinner time(last 20 minutes left)

so plz give responses on this post

...I`d really appreciate it...

by the way the same thing in written in the ARANYAKAND OF VALMIKI RAMAYAN..DURING SITA_HANUMAN DIALOUGE


so hope to have comments ...

plz write...

but don`t abuse..




Hey Guest, here is the verse that you are thinking of:


स स्वभाव विनीतः च गौरवाच् च तदा आनतः ।

प्रस्थितो दण्डकारण्यमाप्रष्टुमुपचक्रमे ॥२-२०-२६॥


देवि नूनम् न जानीषे महद् भयम् उपस्थितम् ।

इदम् तव च दुह्खाय वैदेह्या लक्ष्मणस्य च ॥२-२०-२७॥


गमिष्ये दण्डकारण्यम् किमनेनासनेन मे ।

विष्टरासनयोग्यो हि कालोऽयम् मामुपस्थितः ॥२-२०-२८॥


चतुर्दश हि वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने ।

मधु मूल फलैः जीवन् हित्वा मुनिवद् आमिषम् ॥२-२०-२९॥


भरताय महा राजो यौवराज्यम् प्रयच्चति ।

माम् पुनर् दण्डक अरण्यम् विवासयति तापसम् ॥२-२०-३०॥


स ष्ट्चाअष्टौ च वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने ।

आसेवमानो वन्यानि फलमूलैश्च चर्तयन् ॥२-२०-३१॥


सा निकृत्तैव सालस्य यष्टिः परशुना वने ।

पपात सहसा देवी देवतेव दिवश्च्युता ॥२-२०-३२॥


This is the translation of these verses:


That Rama , being humble in nature , became still modest due to respect for his mother and was set about to ask her permission before setting forth his journey to Dandaka forest. 2-20-26


“Oh,mother! You do not know that a great dismay is approaching now. It brings grief to you, to Sita and to Lakshmana” 2-20-27


“I am going to Dandaka forest. Why this seat for me? Time has come for me to sit on a seat made of Kusha grass.” 2-20-28


“I shall live in a solitary forest like a sage for fourteen years, leaving off meat and living with roots, fruits and honey”. 2-20-29


"The great king is giving to Bharata the succession to kingdom and to me, however, he is making me a sage to stay in the forest of Dandaka." 2-20-30


“I have to satisfy with the things existing in the forest and subsist with roots and fruits in a solitary forest for fourteen years.” 2-20-31


The queen Kausalya fell on the floor all at once like the branch of a tree, cut down by an axe and as an angel dropping down from heaven. 2-20-32



Maadhav, I would really like to have you reply to this one.

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Pl refer to Sri Valmiki Ramayana –Ayodhya Kanda 52 Sarga –Last sloka

Sri Rama,Sri Lakshmana became hungry,Killed 4 maha mrugan (4 types of great animals)-Varaha,Mrusyam,prushatam,maharurum(wild pig,sriped deer,deer and bison).

This is done at the first entry into forest after leaving Ayodhya and crossing the river Sarayu.This is their first meal.

Jai Sri Ram,


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