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Sankaracarya is Lord Siva

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Letter to: Damodara


Bombay, India

12 November, 1970



My Dear Damodara,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 4th October, 1970 and I've noted the contents with much pleasure.


I am glad to see that you are working in the universities. They are a good field for spreading our Krishna Consciousness activities. Try and get all our books accepted in the college libraries and classroom courses. That will be our real success. Dr. Cenkner is correct in saying that Sankaracarya's belief is personal. Actually he is a covered personalist. He became impersonalist just to drive away Buddhism. All of India was Buddhist voidism. So, although a personalist, he had to keep pace with voidism by expounding impersonalism. There is very little difference between impersonalism and voidism, but because he had to bring Buddhists back to the Vedic cultural form, he adopted impersonalism. From the Padma Purana, it is learned that Sankaracarya is Lord Siva, and who can be a greater devotee than Lord Siva? Lord Siva is considered to be the foremost Vaisnava.


Please continue to try and convince the world leaders who are in Washington D.C. about our Krishna Consciousness program. Why don't you approach the Congressmen and Representatives and inform them of the work that our men are doing within their states and cities. If they are favorably impressed with our work, they may be able to give us government land and property and so many other facilities which we can utilize to aid all of the population. I think so many men will be glad to receive our books, so please utilize this opportunity. Simply it requires determination and imagination. Maybe you can get the Indian Ambassador and his wife to hold a meeting at which many important men can be invited. If he and his wife are favorably impressed, certainly they can hold a nice meeting one evening. At that meeting you can speak and explain what our movement is and show slides and movies. Make a book table and display all of our books. Never mind if they also like to read from Ramakrishna. If you give them our KRSNA book to read, very soon all other tastes will go away.


Please offer my blessings to all the other Prabhus in Washington. Hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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<< From the Padma Purana, it is learned that Sankaracarya is Lord Siva, >>


so i wish HKs do not feel hostile to advaitis.


no need to give up krishna bhakti,

and let the advaitis do their siva sadhana.

respect for each other is important at this time.

both are vedic people.


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Guest guest

when the war is only in discussing it is not a real war... it is actually peace, because violenece comes out when the man does not want to discuss anymore...


so there's nothing bad in having different strong opinions.... and who blasphemys krsna saying that he's not supreme, that all his opulences and personality is maya.. he's not at all vedic..



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(A hymn of eight verses by

Totakacharya - disciple of Adi Sankara)


mahitOpanishatkathitArthanidhE |

hridayE kalayE vimalam charaNam

bhava sankara dEsika mE saraNam ||

Oh, Thou, the knower of the entire ocean of milk of scriptures, He Who teaches the truths found in the great treasure chest of the Upanishads ! I meditate on Thy faultless feet. Be Thou my refuge, Oh, Master Sankara. (1.)

karuNAvaruNAlaya pAlaya mAm

bhavasAgara dukhkha vidUnahridam |


bhava sankara dEsika mE saraNam ||

Oh, Thou Ocean of compassion ! Save me whose heart is tormented by the misery of the sea of birth. Make me understand the truths of all schools of philosophy ! Be Thou my refuge, Master Sankara ! (2.)

bhavatA janatA suhitA bhavitA

nijabOdhavichAraNa chArumatE |

kalyEsvara jIvavivEkavidam

bhava sankara dEsika mE saraNam ||

By Thee the masses have been made happy, Oh, Thou of noble intellect, skilled in the quest of Self-Knowledge ! Enable me to understand the wisdom relating to God and the Soul. Be Thou my refuge, Oh, Master Sankara! (3)

bhava Eva bhavA niti mE nitarAm

samajAyata chEtasi kowtukitA |

mama vAraya mOhamahAjaladhim

bhava sankara dEsika mE saranam ||

Knowing that Thou art verily the Supreme Lord, overwhelming bliss arises in my heart. Protect me from the vast ocean of delusion. Be Thou my refuge, Oh, Master Sankara!(4)

sukritE(a)dhikritE bahudhA bhavatO

bhavitA samadarsanalAlasatA |

atidInamimam paripAlaya mAm

bhava sankara dEsika mE saraNam ||

Desire for the insight in unity through Thy Grace will grow only when virtuous deeds are in abundance - and in all directions. Protect this extremely helpless person. Be Thou my refuge, Master Sankara ! (5)


jagatImavitum kalitAkritayO

vicharanti mahAmahasachalata: |

ahimAmsurivAtra vibhAsi gurO

bhavasankara dEsika mE saraNam ||

Oh Teacher ! For the purpose of saving the world the Great Ones take various forms and wander in disguise. Of these great Ones, You shine like the sun ! Be Thou my refuge, Oh, Master Sankara! (6)

guru pungava pungava kEtanatE

samatAmayatAm nahi kOpi sudhIhi |

saraNAgatavatsala tattvanidhE

bhavasankara dEsikamE saraNam ||

Oh, Best of Teachers ! Supreme Lord Who has the sacred bull as His banner ! None of the wise Ones is equal to Thee! Thou are compassionate to those who take refuge in Thee! Thou treasure chest of Truth! Be Thou my refuge, Oh, Master Sankara! (7)

viditA na mayA visadaikakalA

na cha kinchana kAnchana masti gurO |

drutamEva vidhEhi krupAm sahajAm

bhava sankara dEsika mE saraNam||

I do not understand correctly even a single "branch of knowledge". I do not possess even the least bit of wealth, Oh Teacher, quickly bestow on me Thy Grace. Be Thou my refuge, Oh, Master Sankara! (8)

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