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TN corrupted CM 's statement in State Assembly today.

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CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, on Wednesday, told the State Assembly that there was a ''strong evidence to prove'' that Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati was involved in the murder of Varadaraja Permual Temple staff, Sankaraman.


Making a suo motu statement in the Assembly, she said, the investigations so far has showed that he had also ''conspired to eliminate'' the temple staff. Claiming that the government had ''high regard'' for the Mutt and the pontifical seat. She said, by arresting the Acharya, her government had ''only upheld'' the principles that everyone was equal before law.


The investigations by a 29-member special team had showed that the Seer had also been behind the murderous attack, in the city two years ago, on Radhakrishnan, a devotee of the Mutt.


The Acharya suspected the hand of Radhakrishnan and the slain Shankararaman in the anonymous letters and pamphlets that were issued against him and the Mutt.


Jayalalithaa categorically denied that her government had any intention of either taking over the administration of the mutt or freezing its activities.


''My government has only upheld that everyone is equal before law.'' Earlier, demanding that the House take up a discussion on the issue, BJP members shouted slogans, forcing the Speaker to evict party member H Raja, while three others staged a walk out.

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Hare Krishna,


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


In this veda mantra INDRA is prayed to destry the EVIL and rout them completely in order to protect the GOOD. May Indra Deva and the Antaryami in HIM utterly rout and decimate the people who accuse Brahmanas falsely.


Please pray with utmost devotion and FAITH asking Indra(with our mind focussed on Paramatma in HIM) to help us and this will help us. Please read with correct intonations(very important). Go to this website. Download this font before.


Before praying this mantra one has to know the Rsis, Chandas and Devatas properly for each mantra. Without knowing this the phala will not be attained. So if you do not understand ask your gurus.



r.s.i: vasis.t.ha maitra_varun.i; devata_: indra_ soma (raks.oghna), 8,16,19-22,24 indra; 9,12-13 soma; 10,14 agni; 11 devagan.a; 17 gra_va_; 18 marudgan.a; 23 (pu_rva_rdha r.ca_) vasis.t.ha (uttara_rdha r.ca_) pr.thivi_-antariks.a; chanda: tris.t.up, 1-6, 18, 21, 23 jagati_; 7 jagati_ and tris.t.up; 25 anus.t.up






7.104.01 Indra and Soma, afflict, destroy the ra_ks.asas; showerers (of

benefits) cast down those who delight in darkness; put to flight the

stupid (spirits); consume, slay, drive away, utterly extermiante the


7.104.02 Indra and Soma, fall upon the destructive (ra_ks.asa) and the

performer of unprofitable acts, so that, consumed (by your wrath), he

may perish like the offering cast into the fire; retain implacable hatred

to the hater of bra_hman.as, the cannibal, the hideous, the vile

(ra_ks.asa). [Peformer of unprofitable acts: aghas'am.sa = malignant;

hater of brahman.as: brahmadvis.e = bra_hman.ebhyo asmabhyam

dves.t.re; hideous: ghoracaks.ase = rude in speech; vile ra_ks.asa:

kimi_dine = kimi_da_ni_m iti carate, to one who goes saying, What

now? That is, pis'una_ya, a spy, an informer; or cruel, vile].

7.104.03 Indra and Soma, chastise the malignant (ra_ks.asas), having

plunged them in surrounding and inextricable darkness, so that not one

of them may again issue from it; so may your wrathful might be

triumphant over them. [inextricable: bottomless a_lambana-rahita].

7.104.04 Indra and Soma, disperse from heaven your fatal (weapon),

the extirpator from earth of the malignant (ra_ks.asas) put forth from

the clouds the consuming, (thunderbolt), wherewith you slay the

increasing ra_ks.asa race.

7.104.05 Indra and Soma, scatter around (your weapons) from the sky,

pierce their sides with fiery searching adamantine (weapons), so that

they depart without a sound. [scorching: ajarebhih, ageless,


7.104.06 May the praise invest you, Indra and Soma, who are mighty,

on every side, as a girth (encompasses) a horse, that praise which I

offer to you both with pure devotion; do you, like two kings, accept this

my homage.

7.104.07 Come with rapid steeds, slay the oppressive mischievous

ra_ks.asas; let there be no happiness, Indra and Soma, to the

malignant, who harasses us with his oppression.

7.104.08 May he who with false calumnies maligns me behaving with a

pure heart, may such a speaker of falsehood Indra, cease to be, like

water held in the hand.

7.104.09 May Soma give to the serpent, or toss upon the lap of Nirr.ti,

those who with designing (accusations) persecute me, a speaker of

sincerely, and those who by spiteful (calumnies) vilify all that is good in

me. [Those who by spiteful calumnies: or, those who with violence vilify

me, acting uprightly].

7.104.10 May he, Agni, who strives to destroy the essence of our food,

of our horse, of our cattle, of our bodies-- the adversary, the thief, the

robber-- go to destruction, and be deprived both of person and of


7.104.11 May he be deprived of bodily (existence) and of posterity; may

he be cast down below all the three worlds; may his reputation, Gods,

be blighted who seeks our destruction by day or by night. [May he be

deprived: or, may he exist after his body and progeny, i.e. continue

severed from them].

7.104.12 To the understanding man there is perfect discrimination, the

words of truth and falsehood are mutually at variance; of these two,

Soma verily cherishes that which is true and right; he destroys the

false. [The preceding verses are considered to be malediction upon the

ra_ks.asas by the r.s.i. A legend from the Maha_bha_rata is recounted:

king kalmas.apa_da was transformed into a ra_ks.asa when he

devoured the 100 sons of Vasis.t.ha. Thereafter, the ra_ks.asa

assumed the shape of the r.s.i and said to him: "I am Vasis.t.ha, you

are the ra_ks.asa". Vasis.t.ha replied by repeating this verse

declaratory of his discriminating between truth and falsehood; to the

understanding man = to the understanding man truth and falsehood

are easily discriminate, their words are mutually at variance].

7.104.13 Soma instigates not the wicked; he instigates not the strong

man dealing in falsehood; he destroys the ra_ks.asa, he destroys the

speaker of untruth; and both remain in the bondage of Indra.

7.104.14 If I am one following false gods, if I approach the gods in vain,

then Agni (punishes me). If (we be not such, then) why, Ja_tavedas,

are you angry with us? Let the utterers of falsehood incur your


7.104.15 May I this day die if I am a spirit of ill, or if I have ever injured

the life of any ma; may you be deprived (ra_ks.asa) of your ten sons,

who have falsely called me by such an appellation.

7.104.16 May Indra slay with his mighty weapon him who calls me the

Ya_tudha_na, which I am not, the ra_ks.asa, who says (of himself), I

am pure; may he, the vilest of all beings, perish.

7.104.17 May the cruel female fiend who, throwing off the concealment

of her person, wanders about at night like an owl, fall headlong down

into the unbounded caverns; may the sones that grind the Soma

destroy the ra_ks.asas by their noise.

7.104.18 Stay, Maruts, among the people, desirous (of protecting

them); seize the ra_ks.asas, grind them into pieces; whether you fly

about like birds at night, or whether they have offered obstruction to the

sacred sacrifice. [Desirous of protecting them: or, be pleased (to

destroy the ra_ks.asas)].

7.104.19 Hurl, Indra, your thunderbolt from heaven; sanctify,

Maghavan, (the worshipper) sharpened by the Soma; slay with the

thunderbolt the ra_ks.asas, on the eas, on the west, on the south, on

the north.

7.104.20 They advance, accompanied by dogs; desirous to destroy

him, they assail the indomitable Indra; S'akra whets his thunderbolt for

the miscreants; quickly let him hurl the bolt upon the fiends.

7.104.21 Indra has ever been the discomfiter of the evil spirits coming

to obstruct (the rites of) the offerers of oblations; S'akra advances,

crushing the present ra_ks.asas, as a hatchet cuts down (the trees of)

a forest, as (a mallet smashes) the earthen vessels.

7.104.22 Destroy the evil spirit, whether in the form of an owl, or of an

owlet, of a dog, or of a duck, of a hawk or of a vulture; slay the

ra_ks.asas, Indra, (with the thunderbolt) as with a stone. [A duck: a

ruddy goose, cakrava_ka].

7.104.23 Let not the ra_ks.asas do us harm; let the dawn drive away

the pairs of evil spirits exclaiming, "What note is this"; may the earth

protect us from terrestrial, the firmament protect us from celestial,

wickedness. [Exclaiming: "What now is this?" kimi_dina].

7.104.24 Slay, Indra, the Ya_tudha_na, whether in the form of a man,

or of a woman doing mischief by her deceptions; may those who sport

in murder perish dissipated; let them not behold the rising sun.

[Ya_tudha_na = ra_ks.asa].

7.104.25 Soma, do you and Indra severally watch (the ra_ks.asas), be vary, be vigilant; hurl the thunderbolt at the malignant ra_ks.asas.

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Hare Krishna,


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


Sri Krishna and Hanumantha will give us victory. Both(Lord Krishna and his servant Hanuman) was present in Arjuna's(who was Indra himself) charriot.


They(Lord Krishna and his servant Hanuman) are present in the Veda mantra in praise of Indra, King of Devatas. May Indra rout and destroy the rakshasas just as he destroyed Kouravas.

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Hare Krishna,


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


Lord Krishna will protect the AchAryA just as HE protected Draupati and HE will avenge AchAryA's disgrace.

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Hare Krishna,


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


I was deeply disturbed and praying for last 5 days. After opening AchArya Madhva's SuMadhvavijaya, Lord Krishna showed me something 3 times. Hanuman came the first time, Hanuman came the second time, the third time the word Krishna appeared followed by Draupati. I was wondering who is going to be ARjuna in our situation.


The veda mantra extolling Indra appeared apparently as an accident.


If you read the verses 8 through 11 and verse 17 we can see the relevance of this situation. This is all no coincidence. I believe Lord Krishna is with our AchAryA.

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