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Ghost at my home...Please Help !!

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I have been studying ghost phenomenon now for a few years and have found that for them to effect a human being requires that human being to be weak minded or mentally disturbed. In fact most, nearly 95% of ghost haunting are actually owns own fears projecting outwards

The problem today is, science can never prove with their gross materialistic instruments that ghosts exist, this is because all ghostly vessels that house a lost soul is ethereal matter and not gross matter. This is also why ghosts cannot influence us very much unless they are a Brahma bhuta, who are extremely powerful but extremely rare.


Another rare type of ghost is actually in a biologial body and they are recognized by their webbed feet. They appear as a young child and have been seen even in Mayapur India on only two occassions in 40 years. The point is, a real ghostly haunting is very rare.

The fact is, most of us are haunted by our own lusty desires, fears and speculation of what others think of us. The mind is very powerful and can make you believe just about anything.

Be careful on this thread, most ghostly haunting are the demons of lust, anger, greed and fear within your own mind

In any case, if ones read the Srimad Bhagavatam, you will be protected from al ghosts, real or imagined.

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Can any body Help me


Since a long time i have being a victim of black magic. I have did all possible remedies what ever has being prescribed by Tantriks and astrologers. But of no use.


mine is a different life compared to 600 million population in the world. from past ten years there is no progress in my life Academic/financial/personal. People will get Solution to their problems within six months or one year but we did not get any solution to our problem since ten years.


I have visited few of the famous astrolgers in hyderabad . they prescribed some POOJAS and GEM RINGS but of no use.There was no change in any way.


WE DID ALL the possibilities



1.Hanuman MANDALA DEEKSHA for 45 days

2.SANI pooja every saturdays

3.SHIVA pooja on every monday

4.LAXMI pooja on every friday

5.HANUMAN pooja on saturdays and tuesdays

6.CHANTED hanuman chalisa around 10,000 times.

7.GANESHA ABHISEKHAM every day with cow milk (PAGADAM GANESH)


9.we also did HOMAM and

10.Chamundi mantra for 6 lakhs times


we want to lead normal life like others.


We have





5.Sudarsana Yantra




Even these did not help.


Even we have Consulted Psychiatrist . I could undersatnd his psychology but he could not understand us. he used to prescribe Sleeping pills a lot and memory tonics. These could nothelp us.


very few people know about the tantrik activites.


This has ruined my family life.


GOwardhan sanga

:oI had read u r problem and i think this solution will help u

first try to under stand what is god according to our Hindu religion god is something beyond everything it is within u me and every one. like words vivekananda said an an unperfected god i say the man and perfect man i say the god god is something which have no shape or size its something beyond . we can understand it when we go to higher level of spirituality .but you can have your own way of thinking about god in any name like ram shiva etc

let me come into u r problem i think u do not have real faith in god that is why people often go to jothyshy in bhagavatham it is said that often going to jothyshies can destroy our heridity

take any one god shiva,vishnu or devi as upasana murthi because

every one is same and only the one then go deep in prayer whith the single murthi which u like .keep u r life in a systematic way getting up early,do good exercise bath then pray long u can use some of the common manthras like gayathri just relay on god which u love do not give up the hope .

people think that god is some one who gives and takes its not like that the nature is responsible for each things man get called law of universe then the question arises who is god ? in simple way we can say he is the creator of this nature and universe by praying god in a fully devoted way without expecting anything is called real bhakthi this can lead u to perfectness to know the reality gradually u r life will change

i have lot to advise u

if u like my article please send replay

om nama shivaya

let god help u

best of luck

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I don't know your problem is solved or not but still ............

I would advise you to read Durga Kavach in morning & evening , keeping your right hand middle finger in a glass of water , and after reading durga kavach sprinkle that water in your house , and in the boundaries of your house. Durga kawach is most effective , but in case not interested in doing

durga kavach , read hanuman chalisa keeping finger in water and sprinkle that water in home.


If you can keep hanuman chalisa continuously for days and night for some time , Hanuman ji himself will come. This happened in America in one of our known person house. Her husband got serious accident and there was no chances to save his life . She without thinking anything , started chanting hanuman chalisa in Hospital it self . And it worked .....................

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