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between Krsna and Siva in proper perspective.

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You can worship shiva as a devotee of krishna.You can worship him independently.You can worship him as greater than Krishna.They wont mind.


When you call your father as father or dad or appa will he mind?

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can't worhsip him independently, unless all you're looking for is material gain...


can't worship him as greater than Krishna, for that is contradictory to guru-sadhu-sastra

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the question is, on which side you want to fight?

--there's no need to fight.. if you spread dharma, the adharma goes away automatically


no one can win over the enemy by killing the self

---who wants to kill himself?


we are here to do krishna's work and have come here from vainkuntha to do the job

--this is something that can be said by an avatara (shaktiavesha=to do a particular job or task), we are falle because we were rebellius to the autorithy, rascals, asuras


narad can live happily in vainkuntha, but he travels every where instead. figure why.

--to join hindu fanaticism and go to kill muslims? to leave the vina and take the gun?


<< The fact that we are in this material world shows that we are rebels against sri krsna bhagavan.. >>

many yes, but not us hindus (hk's included)

--if we are in this world we are avataras or rascals... a very few are rascals who are learning to get out from rascaldom


kalki does not kill his devotees, us.

---so better do not bother with materialistic wars and mundane politic quarrels and became devotees to avoid to face the rage of sri kalki


why not reduce some burden of kalki now?

--the fact that you are speaking like that demonstrates that you have many things to learn about spirituality... what to say on being an assistant of sri kalki


sankarshaNa, not sankirtan.

sanmirtana is a verb, not a noun.

--samkirtan is congregational chanting of the name of the lord.. so in a sense is the name of the lord, you know it very well but you have tried to do some word jugglery


go in paksitan or saudi arabia, and make tHE muslims dance by chantoing hare krishna. then see how long you live.


--in a muslim country there's the biggest, in number, organized congregational group (about 10.000 people) of the world...... so , slowly, but there some power who is going


why waste time with the hindus?

--true hindus are religious people, they like krsna and his name


i am not saying nama has no power,

but the degree and sphere of power are differnt.

your canting can make me dance,

but it can make a muslim shoot at you so easily.

--your system to solve the problem is simply to take away muslim shooters and to put in hindu shooters,, fanaticism and intolerance against fanaticism and intolerance.. i do not see any improvement


wow, what a response from a devotee

to one who loves krishna.

---who loves krsna does not advice to put aside sri chaitanya mahaprabhu and stop harinama


sorry, not different as i see them.

only krishna can help you understand this.

i cannot.

---or simply you do not have sufficient logic arguments.. so be honest and do not promote something that even you do not understand


a hindu lives by dharma, not religion.

these two are different.

---word jugglery... dharma means "the eternal duty of the living being.. to love krsna" , religion means "connecting.. with krsna" exacty like the word yoga

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“One person early in this forum kept saying 'Siva is independent' - well of course, u see all pure devotees are granted independence in the sense that they are the only people with control over their senses and their destiny...Krishna grants Narada Muni the freedom to travel wherever he wants in the three worlds...Similarly, Krishna empowers Shiva to destroy the creation...”





One person is not saying “Siva is self-dependent”. Rig Veda says so as shown below. There is no question of granting independence since that would mean a point of time which is impossible since Siva is beyond Kal and eternal.




And can you show from Shruti that Krishna or Vishnu grants independence to Siva? Do not claim your own theories to be true. And do not try to prove that Rig Veda is not important in Kali Yuga.


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