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white skinned hindus of the vedic times

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prabhupada was not the first

to give sanatana dharma

to the white skined people of europe.

the below verse is the proof.



shvitya~n cho maa dakshiNatas kapardaa

dhiya.mjinvaaso abhi hi prasanduH.

uttishhThan voche pari barhishho

nR^Inno me dUraadavitae vasishhTaaH..## Rg. 7.33.1 ##

(by maitraavaruNirvasishhTa rishi)


My wisest disciples are the ones whoa re the accomplishers of holy ceremonies and of white complexion. They bear lock of hair on the right side. They give me delight. I call these disciples to sit on the sacred grass (near the altar). May they never stay far from me. Rg. 7.33.1 (by maitraavaruNirvasishhTa rishi).



perhaps the HK's would like to revive this vedic tradition of bearing lock of hair on right side in memory of the guru.


sri maitraa-varuNir-vasishhTa guru maharana ki jai!



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Guest Arminus

I know this is old, but it is interesting to come across this. There is evidence of this being true because the ancient Germanic tribes wore something called the "Suebian knot" which was a braid of hair to the side.

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That verse is not referring to Europeans. Puranas mention Europeans as mlecchas who are followers of Non-vedic religion.


In Hindu society, white complexion's people are generally higher castes ie they are born in Bramhana , kshatriya varnas. Veda glorifies them as they are born in higher castes/Varna , not the outcastes ( Europeans ) .


Hare Krishna ...

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