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The Word Yahva in Rig Veda

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Hare Krishna,


From the following site I found domething interesting in Rig Veda. I just want to verify if this is related to the hebrew version of God's name viz. Yahvey.





More importantly, Yahvah, the name of the God in the Judaic tradition, occurs as an epithet for Agni in the Rigveda a total of 21 times (yahva in RV 10.110; yahvah in RV 3.1, 3.5, 4.5, 4.7, 4.58, 5.1, 7.6, 7.8, 9.75, 10.11; yahvam in RV 1.36; 3.3; 4.5; 5.16; 8.13; 10.92; yahvasya in RV 3.2 and 3.28). Indus ideas on writing may thus have, through the agency of the powerful Mitanni kingdom of Syria, been influential in the various Semitic traditions of the second and first millennia BC.



Meaning of Sanskrit word yahva.


meanings of "yahva" [1]








meanings of "yahva" [2]




1.an employer of priests for sacrifices


meanings of "yahva" [3]




1.an epithet of heaven and earth;


2.of night of day;


3.of morning and evening

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Considering that Yahweh's existence was first indicated through the means of a burning bush, maybe that was Agni, who is the lord of fire?

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