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Pandharpur Panduranga

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Hare Krishna,


I read this story on astrology section of Kumudam, one of the Tamil magazines. This was published by a devotee of Lord(A.M. Rajagopalan). I enjoyed reading it so much. If anybody can read Tamil, he can go and refer it directly. You have to register first.




I will try to translate the article.




This is a uncomparable place that gives great joy(paramanandam) to the devotees of God. It is situated in the banks of river Chandrabaga(also called river Bhima).


Lord Kannan manifests HIMSELF here to bless his devotees. He is known by the Panduranga in this place. The Lord who is called by the names Vittala and Vithoba, always wishes in HIS HEART to serve HIS devotees like a slave. The scripture called "Bhaktha Vijayam" describes and praises the playful LILAS of this Lord, our GOD.


In these great sacred writings you can find answers to questions like


What Lord expects from us ?

Who is a true Bhaktha of Lord ?

In the eyes of the Lord who is considered great and other similar questions.


The following incident took place around 500 years ago.


Vidyananda Bhosle lived in Pandharpur. He was highly educated. He read and had knowledge(intellectual) of all scriptures. He had all good things in him(character etc.) except humbleness.


He had too much ego that no one can parallel him in education and intellect, but at the same time he had Bhakti for LORD of Pandharpur. He always got up early morning daily and took bath at Chandrabhaga river, did his daily Karmas, and then went to temple. Only after having dharshana of the Lord, will he do his other activities. He even had EGO for the bhakthi he had for Lord.


In that same city there lived on the river banks a poor man afflicted with leprosy. He lived in a hut. Like Bhosle this poor man had great love for Lord Panduranga. He also took bath daily in the river, fall flat on the ground in the direction(sashtanga namaskaram) of temple and pray to the Lord in the temple.


His face was disfigured because of his leprosy disease. He had one wish and desire, to somehow visit the Lord in the temple, but because of his disease the temple authorities did not allow him inside.


He recognized that his life was coming to an end because of his disease and he was afraid whether he could see the DIVINE beauty of the Lord of the temple. His desire to see the Lord now turned into mad determination.


AshAda Ekadasi:


The spiritual benefits of fasting during Ekadasi of eaach month is matchless. The most vicious sins are destroyed by fasting on these days. Even Lord observes fasting on these days. So it is described in old writings(Puranas, I think). Indras and other Gods too observe this fast. So is it even necessary to tell the glory of Ekadasi.


Each Ekadasi has something special and associated benefits. Of all Ekadasis the Ekadasi which appears during Kartikai(AshAda EkAdasi) and Vaikunta Ekadasi are very special indeed.


In this the AshAda Ekdasi produces very great spiritual benefits. Fasting on this day, getting up early next day(Dvadasi) and sipping Tulasi teertha before sunrise for breaking the fast produces the result of 10 million Asvamedha sacrifices. Puranas, Bhakti Vijayam and Pandharpur Mahatmya explains that even Lord Panduranga HIMSELF observes fasting and dines the next day with everyone who follows this.


"I do not shun impoverished, underpriviledged and disease afflicted"


On that particular year AshAda Ekadasi came. As usual the poor man afflicted with leprosy had a bath in the river and tried to enter into the temple after crossing the river. At the same time Vidyananda Bhosle, surrounded by his friends, was coming out of the temple after having dharshan of the Lord. Bhosle saw the poor devotee, with contempt, entering the temple. Bhosle sent his friends and forced the poor devotee out of the temple. The poor devotee was very dejected that he could not see Panduranga. He cried all through the night.


The sun rose. This day was AshAda Dvadasi. Giving food to anyone on this day before breaking your fast is equivalent to feeding Lord Panduranga HIMSELF(Even today this is followed in Pandharpur).


Vidyananda Bhosle, after doing his morning duties, was searching for a person to invite. Even after searching for a long time he did not get anybody. Some said that they already had food or some other reason. With sadness Bhosle returned to his home after breaking his fast.


On his way Bhosle saw, under a tree, the leprosy afflicted poor man eating along with a guest. With anger and contempt for the poor man, Bhosle thought to himself even he got a guest invited. Bhosle wanted to see who the guest is and so he took a good look this time.


He was surprised and could not believe his eyes. He closed and opened his eyes again. He stood there breathless like a statue.


The guest was Lord Panduranga HIMSELF having food with the poor man. The Lord who eats all the Universe and creates it, the Lord who could not be reached by Indras, the Lord who is beyond the comprehension of the sapta rishis, the Lord who is the master, owner and controller of all 14 worlds, that KANNAN, was dining with a leprosy infected, poor man under a tree as his guest and that too on AshAda Dvadasi. Bhosle was wondering as described above and thinking why my Ranga rejected me who is higher in terms of education knowledge, bhakthi etc. when compared to that poor man.


"How is this leprosy infected poor man superior to me" wondered Bhosle and got very angry at Lord HIMSELF. In his deep sleep, Bhosle had a dream where Lord Panduranga appeared and said


"Bhosle, all your knowledge, intellect and bhakti became useless because of your EGO(AHAMKAR). Whatever you did, it was filled with your EGO. The poor man who did not possess your Acharam, knowledge and intellect had the humble, pure Bhakti that I was looking for in a devotee. Therefore, I went to this poor man as his ATIHTI(guest) on AshAda Dvadasi becoming a slave to his pure Bhakti. I see only one thing on a devotee and that is pure Bhakti. To such a devotee I am a slave. I am slave to his Bhakti. I am a slave to his simplicity. I am a slave to his Humble quality."


After this that Lord Panduranga, Vittala disappeared.


From that day Vidyananda Bhosle left his Ahamkar for good. GOD does not dwell in rituals only. Where there is internal Bhakti, even if it is in a hut of a poor man without a roof, HE, the LORD, goes in search of such a devotee.


Therefore develop internal Bhakti(love) for GOD. HE will stay with you always, and never leave you morning, afternoon or night.


Always yours,

A.M. Rajagopalan.



Om Om Om


Kayena vacha manase indriyair va

Buddhiy atmanava prakriter svabhavat

Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai

Narayanayeti samarpayami

Sriman Narayanayeti samarpayami


nAham kartA hariH kartA tatpUjA karmachaakhilam.h|

taThaapi matkR^itaa pUja tatprasaadhEna naanyaThaa|

tadbhakti tadphalam.h mahyam.h tatprasaadaat.h punaH punaH |

karmanyaasO harAvevam.h vishNOsthR^iptikaraH sadhA ||


"I am not the doer, shri Hari is the doer, all the actions that I do are His worship. Even then, the worship I do is through His grace and not otherwise. That devotion and the fruits of the actions that come to me are due to His recurring grace"


If one always practices to do actions with a dedicated spirit to Hari, in this way, it pleases Vishnu.


Hari Om Tat Sat

Paramatmane Namah

Brahmane Namah

Satchidananda, Satchidananda


Harihi Om

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada!I offer my humble obeisances unto Him!


Thankyou prabhu for taking the pains to post such a nice article. Thankyou very much. All glories to GURU and Gouranga!





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