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Russian words with sanskrit roots

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Moscow - pronounced MOSKVA=Moksha


Russia=Rossiya=Rishiya (land of rishis)

Sveta=girl's name=Sweta




Svarog=Old russian god=brahma

Soma= Old russian god= soma

Varuna=Old russian god of water= varuna



etc... many words which closely correspond to sanskrit root words



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There is lots of probable synonyms in Rus.:


people: narod - nara

good: horoSij - xriimant

2/3/4/5/6/10/100: dva/tri/cetbIre/pyat/Sest/desyat/sto

both: oba - ubha

1st p./2nd p. plural: nas/vas

this/that: etot/tot - etad/tad ('e' in etad may be original.)

whole: vesh - vishva

be: bbI - bhu

eat: es - ad

lead: nes - ni

drink: pi - paa

give: da -daa

carry: vez - vah

die: umer - mri

find: iska - iS

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The grammar structure of slavic languages is very similar to sanskrit (these are complex and precise languages with huge vocabularies). There are similarities between words used to indicate numbers from 0 to 10 such as (here in Polish, another slavic language):

dvi - dva

tri - trzi

catur - chtery

panc - pienc


..and Brahma was worshipped by Slavs untill 12th century (at least) as god with four heads / faces, and was called Sveta-vid (one who sees or knows the entire world)


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