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I feel that not enough is being done about preaching KC.I have friends who have now turned against krishna ,the result of brainwashing and malicious propaganda by the so called Christian preachers

--they say that after turning against krishn their lifes are now more joyous and their sorrows have subsided

I feel all this is utter rubbish----why is not enough being done to propogate KC?--------

Definitely,it is not right to speak bad of other religions.But why is anyone not opposing this disgusting way of converting people and even giving ill feeling lectures in open

This sort of conversion takes place the most in India and i am afraid if the hindu religion will cease to exist.

There are many namesake krishna believers who just want the label of a hindu to get the constitutional benefits awarded

In reality they practice ,preach and convert to christianity

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Why worry about these foolish people....they feel they are happier because they want to enjoy material life, so let them be.


Our mission is not to "convert" people, but instead to enlighten them. It is their decision if they want to accept or reject Krishna.


-Chant and be happy

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Hare Krishna.


It's because of so many non-sense preachers in the Vedic religion that sanatan dharma is trailing behind and so many Hindus are being fooled into converting to man made godless religions.


These bogus Vedic preachers are also on this site.


They say all religions lead to the same path and so on. What non-sense. The conclusion of the Bhagavad-gita is very clear.


"Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear. " Lord Krishna (Bg 18.66)


Lord Krishna doesn't say follow any path, only his path.


There are articles on the www.Gitamrta.org which very easily defeat the philosophy of all the other godless religions. All the serious preachers should read and spread this to others.


Articles like:

Are all religions the same?

Does God want man to eat meat?

There is only one God

Why Lord Krishna is the only God

Questions from a Muslim/Christian, answers from a Hindu


and so on.


Reincarnation and Karma are scientific facts.

The Genesis preaching of Adam and Eve being the first humans is complete non-sonse according to the evidence of humans existing for millions of years.

The non-Vedic religions are godless religions as they do not know who is God.


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On your site you have a link to The Divine Light Society, I see they put Gita Audio by Prabhupada. But they have a direct link on same page to 'thier' Edition on same page. I don't think it's very bona-fide, like I said 'divine light socety' the clue is in the name. For some odd reason by e-mail system is not working so had to say it here.


Maybe you can put a dislcaimer. Because the site contents have nothing to do with us.

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