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Hare Krishna,

As iwas surfing through the net i read one

article about the OSHos "out of body techinique" where in

you can separeate your soul from your body .Just wondering how that experience would be.Any Inputs.Not A follower of

OSHO but this thing just raised curiosity



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Guest guest

Your curiosity will be fulfilled,as we will all experience it sooner or later. These tricks however,are not the purpose of life, and they will not help you remember God when you are about to seperate yourself permanently from your body.In short they are a waste of time. So my advice to you: start chanting Hare Krishna from this day on.



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Guru Gauraang Jayatah


yeah, there are a lotta techinques like this one, as told by Lord Shiva Himself to Maa Paarvati but i doubt if there is any authentic incarnation of the divine bodies, on this earth these days!

Anyway, tell me who can separate the body and soul?

Who is this you? Is it the body, mind, intellect, Jeevaatmaa or Paramaatmaa?



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When are you are dreaming.



...the fact is that each and every living entity is covered by two kinds of bodies, one subtle and one gross. So the subtle body causes the living entity to take another gross body. We have got experience that in dreaming the gross body is inactive while the subtle body is continuing activities; and again in deep sleep the subtle body is continuing activities. The living entity after being carried by the subtle body to another gross body, it sometimes remains in deep sleep in the womb of the mother. Then gradually the subtle body begins to act within another gross body. When this gross body is fully developed befitting to come out of the mother's body, that is called another birth. Again he changes to another gross body imperceptibly. Just like in the film thousands of pictures are moved imperceptibly. It looks that the body in the picture is moving, but the audience cannot understand that there are so many pictures in the spool. They think that the picture is moving. Similarly every second every moment we are changing the body.

Letter to: Svarupa Damodara, Los Angeles, 23 June, 1975


Personally unless I can find more, this 'out of body' exeperience is not that the soul leaves the body, if it did you'd be dead.


See Gita 6.15: Here

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