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Red Thread ?

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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami [Vedabase]:

The Rakhi Bandhan ceremony observed by you under instruction of Prasad isn't approved by our Vaisnava rituals. Of course, such ceremony is observed among the Hindu community as a socio-religious convention. But in our Vaisnava community there is no such observance.

Letter to: Mukunda, San Francisco, 26 March, 1968




(Vrndavana, India, August 15, 2000)


Today is also Raksa-bandhana. We bind rakhi (a very fancy cloth bracelet) to Krsna. Earlier, this festival was practiced differently from today. We bind rakhi to Krsna, or to Balarama, so that they will protect us. They are our real protectors. Anantadeva is our real protector. This was the purpose of this festival. During the reign of one Muhammedan leader, the Muhammedans were inflicting so much atrocity on the Indian women. Many Indian women accepted powerful kings as their protectors. They sent their rakhi to them and said, "Please bind this rakhi and protect us." Since that time this festival has taken place: that a sister will bind a rakhi around the wrist of a brother who will protect her. The protector, however, is not, in fact, a brother. The protector is actually Balarama. We can also take Gurudeva as our protector from unwanted activities and mentalities, aparadhas etc.

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When a Vedic ritual is performed a red thread is worn. I don't much about it.


I sat in the BG yajna at a ISKCON temple and was given a red thread to wear. So it's a Vaisnava thing.

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