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The big bang theory challenged...

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Aum ShreeVishnave Namah


Naive and maybe rather stupid Big Ban theory has been challenged and proven a rank futile nonsense by HD Prankaashanand Saraswati.




Here he gives scientific logical reasons as to how the current figmantal speculation of the age of universe is false and states that age of the universe is 155.52 trillion years.


Who is HD Prankaashanand Saraswati?

Find it here,



Hari Aum Tat Sat.

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The Age of the Universe based on my Own Calculation is about 155Trillion years Old. Simple Brahma will live for 311Trillion Years(100years on his planet) so right now Brahma is 51 Years so, 311trillion divide by 2 gives you about 155Trillion. Thats the age of the universe.


He said the earth in only 1.97 millions years old ? Ho can it be ? when Based on the Srimad Bhagavatham. "In the Bhagwat Mahatmya Bhagwan Ved Vyas reveals a great secret and says that this is the 28th dwapar (of Vaivaswat manvantar). So 5000years ago he reveals that it was the 28th Dwapar which will make our yuga Kali yuga also 28th.


so 1,728,000 human years + 1,296,000 human years + 864,000 human years + 432,000 human years = 120,960,000 years. Thats 120 million, so how can he say 1.9 million years ?? Age of our planet ??


So these Satya,Treta,Dwapar and Kali ages makes ONE Maha Yuga which is in total

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