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Bhagavad Gita and swami Muktananda

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‘’Do what you should and come what may’’

Hello, everyone !

As far as I became aware very recently from a book on India that was published (in Russian) in Moscow (''India. The Wandering Bliss'' written by Victoria Dmitrieva, talented interpreter and scholar on Hinduism and Sanscrit) renowned swami Muktananda mentioned in 1978 or 1979 that there was a Russian boy aged 10 who resided in Russia then (the Soviet Union or USSR) who would preach the Bhagavad Gita in its true and original meaning. 

Although I am a humble person I reckon that there is a probability that swami Muktanada referred to me. 

Firstly, I was born on 09th of May, 1969 in Moscow.  

Secondly, although I do not belong to any religious group at the moment I can daresay that I am deeply religious person. (As it was mentioned in The Rig Veda: “Truth is one, but the wise men know it as many; God is one, but we can approach Him in many ways.”

Thirdly, starting on 06th of April, 2018 (prior to the purchase of the above-mentioned book) I started to distribute numerous emails to Russian, European and American activists, politicians, scientists, publicists, celebrities, spiritual leaders and common users of the Internet, Facebook and LiveJournal with the reference to Bhagavad Gita, and namely to one of the the most essential revelations from it: ‘’Do what you should and come what may’’. I can daresay that I mentioned that phrase in my messages and posts starting from 2015 since I consider it as a motto that I try to adhere to. My messages and posts were related to issues that are very sensitive not only to Russian politics but equally to politics of the UK and the USA.

Fourthly, starting from my childhood I have an ability to either predict some events that many other people were not in a position to foresee or to interpret generally available information in a way that many other people failed to perceive in advance. That skill initially helped me in my profession (investment banker) and later allowed me to stay alive when I became a victim of a persecution campaign for my values and political views. Surely, that skill is not unique among humanity but is rather rare. Equally, that ability did not prevent me from making some minor mistakes in the past (either in business or in my private life). (By the way, I think that ''mistakes'' are sometimes an inevitable and essential aspect of a personal growth of an individual. But time and previous experience can surely improve the results that any person may achieve by having that skill. Especially in case a person may avoid illusions that influence all of us.) 

I am a former investment banker (former Head of Fixed Income and Equity trading at Gazprombank,  a second largest bank in Russia, the banking arm of Gazprom, Russian gas monopoly) who is under tight persecution campaign that was initiated initially by Russian authorities for my public political views and allegations. Equally I can state that authorities and intelligence of several other countries: the United Kingdom, the USA and the State of Israel have been acting in unison with their Russian colleagues. 

I am rather fluent in English and studied French in Moscow institute of Finance (current name: University of Finance).  Unfortunately I have read Bhagavad Gita not in the original but in Russian only. Although I have recently purchased several textbooks on Sanscrit and Hindi I can't speak or read in these languages yet since that will surely require significant efforts and time.  

As per now I am unemployed and destitute. My last position in banking ended with scandal and a further litigation in 2005. Since then I was either unemployed or worked as consultant in insurance, tutor of English, horse groom, cleaner in a Home for the aged, crew member at McDonald's, distributor of a daily newspaper at a tube station (underground).  

There were several attempts of my assassination while I resided in the UK (2005 – 2007) and shortly after my forced return to Russia. I presume the Russian authorities prefer me to die of starvation or depression than to kill me directly since my public statements and numerous emails and posts. I reckon my enemies have decided that my assassination would prove all my sensitive allegations about Kremlin, the Russian intelligence and their cooperation with politicians and intelligence of the UK and USA. My professional experience as a former banker and my personal experience as a former witness in a sensitive litigation in the USA against the Russian Federation, as a former aylum-seeker and political refugee may prove unequivocally that politicians of several countries (Russia, the UK and the USA) secretly collaborate in order to instigate conflicts and hostilities to achieve their mutual goals that are kept in secret from the general public.

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