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Guest Galileo

Shiva 108 and 1008 names questions

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Guest Galileo


I am in the process of memorizing the 108 names of Shiva. I have a few questions and would appreciate it if anyone can provide me with answers: 

1. Before I start each recitation of the 108 names of Shiva, am I supposed to propitiate any other deity such as Ganesha? If so what mantras do I need to recite?

2. Are the 108 names in any particular order? Curious as they seem randomly ordered to me. 

3. How were these 108 names chosen from Shiva's 1008 names? Are the 108 names the most important in some way? 

4. What is the source text for the 108 names of Shiva? 

5. Are all of Shiva's aspects names included in Shiva's 1008 names? For example how many of Shani's 108 names are included in Shiva's 1008 names? 

6. What is the benefit of memorizing the 108 or 1008 names of Shiva versus just reading them each time you choose to recite them? Does it even matter that I memorize them? 

7. Has anyone out there memorized the 108 names or better yet the 1008 names? 

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