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Guest Kensō

Ādityahṛdayaṃ Vers 4 Translation and devanagari

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Guest Kensō

Hello there, 

i'm completely new to this topic and please let me know if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

On youtube i found someone talking about a mantra which is written in the video description as "Aditya rdiyam punyam sari shatru bena shenam”. This is translated as "All evil will vanish from life for him who keeps the sun in his heart." .

Searching this sentence i only found the 4. vers from ādityahṛdayaṃ in the ramayana. This is written on Wikipedia like this : 

ādityahṛdayaṃ puṇyaṃ sarvaśatruvināśanam (आदित्यहृदयं पुण्यं सर्वशत्रुसर्वशत्रुविनाशनम). This is translated as "This holy hymn dedicated to the Sun deity will result in destroying all enemies"  


know iam wondering If these sentences are all equl ans which translation ist correct. 



best regards and thank you very much

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