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A passage of Ṣaḍguruśiṣya's Vedārthadīpikā

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Hello, I am trying to translate a passage of Ṣaḍguruśiṣya's Vedārthadīpikā, published by A. A. Macdonell in his edition of Kātyāyana's Sarvānukramaṇī, etc. (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1886). The passage I am dealing with is on p. 107 of that book (corresponding to p. 135 of the PDF version you may find in https://es.scribd.com/document/122758125/Katyayana-sarvanukramani-Sounaka-Anuvakanukramani). Unfortunately, the scan (or, perhaps, the original print) is not very clean, and I am not at all sure of the proper reading of a sequence in line 11 of p. 135 of the attached PDF (corresponding to verse 2 b, before footnote reference no. 6): वासिष्टेनाभिभूत: स त्यवासीदच्च गाथिज: But I am not at all sure about the sequence that I have tentatively transcribed here as त्यवासीदच्च. If that reading is correct, I guess it can be analysed as त्यौ आसीदत् च, where त्यौ is the masculine dual accusative of the demonstrative pronoun त्य; आसीदत् would be the 3rd person singular of the active imperfect of आ सद्, and च would be the enclitic copulative conjunction. But I cannot figure out a translation with too much sense from all that: "he was surpassed by Vasiṣṭha's son, and the son of Gāthin met / approached those two," and one could ask: who are those two? Further, I am not at all sure whether the reading त्यवासीदच्च is correct, because the ligature त्य does not look exactly the same in other parts of the same page, for example in the very footnote no. 6. So I have tried reading it as ह्यवासीदच्च, and analysing the sequence as हि अवासीदत् च. Then, the verse could be translated as follows: "For he was surpassed by Vasiṣṭha's son, and the son of Gāthin became disheartened." This looks somewhat better. What do you think? Thank you very much in advance for whatever help.

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