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Doubt on Shiv Lingam and panchakshari

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Dear Members, AUM Namashivaya

I have some doubts, and I would like to get an advise from our group members.I am new to this forum,so I dont know whether I posted on the right forum or not.

1)In Thirumandiram, swami explained different types of panchaksharis - AUM Namah Shivaaya,AUM Shivaaya Namah, Shivaaya Shiva Shiva and explained in different names like sookshma panchakshari,karana panchakshari,athi sookshma panchakshari.Which type of panchakshari is suitable for ordinary people or who is at the beginning level of sadhana?.From the child hood i heard about AUM namah shivaaya and I am chanting the same. (still I am reading Thirumandiram,and not completed all the tantras in the text).Practically is there any difference between the different panchaksharis?
                                     I am reading  a malayalam commentary of Thirumandiram.It mentioned that the mantra "Shivaya Shiva Shiva " is equal to "Thri suparna mantra" which mentioned  in the upanishads.Can you please advise me what is Thrisuparana mantra "and its importance.

 2)Can we keep Shivlinga at home?If we can keep Shivlinga ,then what type of Shiv Linga we can keep?.I have a copy of Maha Shiva puranam.It mentioned that for chara (movable )lingam the height should be equal to or  more than our thump size. Height should not be less than the thump. But there is no problem even if the height is more than our thump size. But some achaaryas  says the height should be less than our thump size. I came to know from websites that we can keep Sphatika Lingam or Narmada Shivlingam  in home.
3)Also it is mentioned in the purana that except bana Linga, for all other lingams,the yoni or peetham should be constructed with the same material. For eg If we are using sphatik lingam the peetham or yoni also should be sphatik.

 Really it would be grateful if somebody can advise on these points.


AUM Namashivaya


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