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Transitioning Period of Mahadasha

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Sue K

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Hello Astro Gurus,


I have one question which is kind of gray area to most of Vedic users..


What is the importance of transition of between two Mahadasha? I heard lot about Mahadashas but there's very little information available on MD transition period. I am not an astrologer but I have huge interest in Vedic Astrology and I always wonder how would a person feel if undergoing a Saturn Mahadasha past 18.5 years and shortly entering into Mercury (exalted) MD.. Oh boy, I cannot even explain what I have been thru during Saturn Mahadasha but have few hopes from Mercury MD.

Please explain the events during the transition period of these two MD.

DOB: 31/10/1979

TOB: 08:30

POB: Hapur, UP, India




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