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astro books for sale

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Guest subhash nair

                                              ASTRO BOOKS FOR SALE

  1. Name of the book :  Astrosecrets and Krishnamurthi padhati by K. Subramaniam

    Cost                          :  Rs. 150/-


  2. Name of the book  :  The Rahu Ketu experience by  Prash Trivedi

    Cost                           :  Rs. 325/-


  3. Name of the book   :  Krishnamurthi  Padhati by Sharad Joshi  

    Cost                            :  Rs. 80/-    


  4. Name of the book    :  Understanding Rahu Ketu by Keven. W. Barret

    Cost                             :  Rs. 135/-


  5. Name of the book     :  Hand book on astrology ( part I & II )   by Prof. K Hariharan

    Cost                              :  Rs. 200/-


  1. Name of the book     :  Nakshatra Chintan ( part 1, part 2 ) by Sharad Joshi

    Cost                              :  Rs. 100/-


  1. Name of the book     :  The book of Nakshatras  by  Prash Trivedi

    Cost                              :  Rs. 375/-


  2. Name of the book     :  Astrology, Gemology, Cosmos and Human life by  Arvind Venkatakrishnan        Cost :  Rs. 70/-


  3. Name of the book     :   The art of matching charts  by Gayatri Devi Vasudev

    Cost                              :   Rs. 100/-


  4. Name of the book     :    Matching for marriage ‘ by Kootas and birthcharts ‘by S. Natarajan

    Cost                              :   Rs. 75/-


  5. Name of the book     :    The complete homeopathic handbook by  Miranda Castro

    Cost                              :    Rs. 200/-


  6. Name of the book     :     kp astrological yearbook ( 2003, 2004 )

    Cost                              :     Rs. 250/-

                            contact astrologer subhash nair at 9920745450 or subhashnair@live.com

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