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Guest nj

Ketu Mahadasha and Sade Sati together

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Guest nj

I am going thru an extremely hard phase with Ketu Mahadasha and Shani Sade Sati since 2011. I am now separated (physically) from my husband as I had to leave US and come to India since after graduating from Masters last year I did not find a job. I have been reading several horoscope predictions for my moon sign and says that From June 19th 2014 vrischika rashians will find solace. Please help me out !! I have lost all faith after a series of bad news and luck and dont know how strong I will be for the next one. I have applied for my Phd again since I did not find a job I thought getting myself more skills would be better if my next 4 years is going to be rough. Awaiting results of admission this July and hoping this works. But also really need the scholarship which I am so afraid that if I dont get the funding i have no other way to do anything. past year has got me literally down to zero i have been stuck at home with low confidence and just been a recluse forcibly without my wish. i have been away from friends and family with no hope to look towards. time has made just focus on today without giving me the ability to even plan the next day let alone plan the next year. Please if anyone can tell me how my next 4 years is going to be and what path should I take will help me decide. 


name : namitha

DOB : 30th July 1982

Place : Bangalore

time : 5.30 AM 

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Guest Arun Tej



I think I alone can comprehend the phase you are going thru. Bcoz, I am also sailing on the same boat. Let me stop myself here sharing the kind of problems (in fact ditto same as yours) I am facing in detail and let me throw some light on the kind of things you may do for relief.


Facts about Kethu Maha Dasa (generally stays for 17 years):

1.    Kethu is a Sanyasi graha which makes you stay alone (without a pair)

2.    Kethu always makes you attract towards spirituality and vairagyam.

3.    Kethu gives you comfort if you satisfy him.

4.    Kethu gives you extreme luck and happiness before leaving you.(leading you to Sukramahadasa)

Remedies to Satisfy Kethu :

1.    Lord Ganesh should be your ideal God for the entire phase, so replace all your mobile/lappy/computer wallpapers with Ganesh.

2.    Distribute sweets (which are offered to lord ganesh)  to friends/beggars/known/unknown people on every Tuesday.

3.    Visit Lord Hanuman on every Tuesday and offer him what sensibly a monkey likes to eat (say banana, coconut etc.,)

4.    Lord Hanuman gives you strength to manage hurdles

5.    Visit Lord Venkateswara on every Saturday (in order to get great relief from financial crisis)

Remedies to satisfy Sani:

1.    Take rounds around Peepal Tree (Ficus religiosa) or araLi mara every day slowly and peacefully taking deep breaths while walking.

2.    Offer Black Sesame Seeds, Sesame oil and Black Cloth to Sani in Navagraha and take 9 rounds in the Nava Graha Mandap on every saturday

3.    Offer some eatable to a Black Cow, Crow or at least sugar to black ants on every Saturday.


I have got more to share but, these are few I remember as of now and I am hurry to meet a client on this working day.

Bottom Line: Be proud to be an Indian as we got the best remedies to overcome the ill effects of the planets which rule the universe. Believe me I am relieved 80% from the problems by following these remedies.

If possible please share your Husband’s details as I can show to my Guruji and find out how can his positive effects (if any) help you.

Plz don’t hesitate to mail me for further queries if any, as I am also suffering from the same ill effects and eagerly waiting for 16th June 2014 transition as you.


God Bless You Ma J

Arun Tej !

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Guest v v rao

Please do not go by horoscopes.  May be they are true. But they are horror scopes.  Please realise that difficulties are quite natural and only temporary phases in life.  Concentrate on what is in your hand right now instead of waiting  for bad news and thinking how to face them. Remember  God will be with you always supporting you.  He adds strength in what ever you do.  So, leave every thing to him and do your part.  He already promised the world that he will take care of those who recites his name. His grace is above all horoscopes. GOD BLESS YOU.

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