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  1. I know this sounds very unrealistic, but when you forgive your enemies and actually pray for them,something truly amazing happens within yourself and around you.This has to be done genuinely and with sincerity,though.Just think that whatever they are doing to you, it is done in ignorance.But you know better than them.So you don't want to take their path of hatred and vengeance.Just forget and forgive them.You will feel so much lighter when you do this.
  2. No planets,humans or any other force can do any harm to you when you say this mantra.Try it for atleast 3 days and see the difference.It is truly magic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIplq5P13aI
  3. Do not think that it is you who are doing anything,give all credit to Sri Bhagwan Krishna.Whatever criticism or praise you get,dedicate it to Krishna.Before you begin your day,as soon as you open your eyes, say"SARVAM KRISHNARPANAM"-I do not want any glory for my work today,let me just do my duty and let the rewards go to Krishna.
  4. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama, kanda sahti kavacham and sathru samhara vel padigam everyday
  5. Could someone please give me the link to Devaraya Swamigal's mp 3 of Sathru Samhara Vel Padigam?I have the lyrics but it is really high-flown Tamil and need help with the pronunciation and meanings of several words in the song.Also,how effective is it against attacks of voodoo and black magic?
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