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Guest Hari Iyer

Global Hindu Temples Directory : AllHinduTemples.com

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Guest Hari Iyer
Namaskar to All the Hindus in this Forum.
I found this site through the awesome post on Narendra Modi's rare pictures,  Thanks a lot you are doing great work.  i was very happy to see our PM's erstwhile life as a Sanyasi.  Ache Din Aa Gaye hain, for India and I hope for Hinduism too.
I am posting here for feedback,  please tell me if this post is not appropriate. I'm only adding it here as some of you might find it useful and I might get some feedback.  
I am the creator of www.allhindutemples.com  The Global Hindu Temples Directory.
I was very frustrated with the temples in our area not having their contact details and addresses listed very clearly on their website. Even when the Temple has a website, often they would not have the important details like opening hours and address / phone number listed on the home page, I would have to go digging deep to find this information.
I created this website to address the problem for myself and thought some of your visitors might like it as well, the site link is www.allhindutemples.com
It is a Hindu temples directory covering temples all around the world, also shows their address, phone number and other important contacts on a Google map page. You can browse by country / City / or region or simply go worldwide and click / zoom through to your region.
Currently it is still being worked upon and I am improving the database behind it to add other countries but it does have around a 1000 Hindu temples all around the world (Outside India)
If you have any feedback about the site, please feel free to send it to me at the following email address : admin at allhindutemples (dot) com or simply leave a comment on the page.
It is also on Facebook if people want to keep in touch www.facebook.com/allhindutemples. If you have any feedback (positive or negative) please feel free to share them with me. Thanks for your time.
PS: It is also mobile friendly and should geolocate to show you the nearest temples to you if you decide to share your location.
You can see the Hindu temples in any Country by changing the country name in this format: 

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