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Feel dizzy and tired all the time

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Birth details:
8th octobar 1982
bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh)
22:23 or 22:25
Respected members,
I have been having this problem for the last two years now. Have got all the tests done - blood, MRI's, scans, endocopy and what not.
Doctors are unable to identify anything. Can anyone please look into my chart and suggest something? I will be very grateful to all.

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If you say you feel dizzy then there is likelihood of cords in your crown chakra and may be in ajna chakra too.

Feeling tired could again be a result of cords in these chakras or other body chakras as well because whenever there are cords your energy will get depleted and disturbed.

There could be negative energy at home which could be sucking away your life force energy.

There can be one or more of the abovementioned causes of your health condition. If you can get in touch with us we will help you identify the cause and also help in your healing. All our healings are free of charge.Thank you.

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Guest Peg

Dear Dizzy and Tired, I'm not an astrologer....but is your blodd pressure also low? If so, find the very best endocrinologist you can find and have everything checked out, especially your aldosterone. I will be thinking of you and wishing you well and to find your way.  Don't give up.

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