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Guest Swamy Aluru

Heard of Lemon deepam in the house being not good

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Guest Swamy Aluru

I have heard and seen people lighting Lemon Deepam in the temple during Rahu Kaalam on Tuesdays and Fridays. In a scale of 1 to 10 - I strongly believe that 90% of the people are some way or the other affected by Rahu and Ketu either as bad afflictions or bad placement or Kaal sarp dosha. Rahu kaal deepam is supposed to weed off the evil effects and the native will be guarded by Mata Durga.

I have heard people say that Lemon Deepam is not to be lighted in the house but for those living in foreign countries where the life is so mechanical and the temples do not remain open during the rahu kaal timings, I personally feel that lighting Lemon deepam at home will definitely do "only" good because the prayer is offered to Durga chanting her names and Potri.

I have been doing this thing since 1990 and believe me I have always been blessed and Jagan mata has been with me all the time. With problems facing my life, people used to say that all the problems are due to lighting Lemon Deepam on Tuesdays at home. My views are contrary to their belief. I have to tell that It is because of this puja and prayers that I have been guarded and saved from the worst. Rest, all the problems facing a person is due to karma but if the karma is destined to safeguard during bad time, I feel that god will make you work accordingly.

My intention is not to state anything contrary to any body's belief but my full surrender to Jagan mata is all that I see as and she takes care of me. Above all, after all the experiences [good and bad] I feel that "Anbe Sivam" [love is God] will take us a long way. I know, it is hard to practice in this materialistic world and many a time people brand us either mad or ignorant or they think that they are too clever but believe me, the purest form of thoughts will only "cleanse" us and safeguard us from all evils. Practice the above and you will experience the difference in the opposite person.

May god bless us all.

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