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Is Shiva on Drugs?

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I found something else which might interest you, an article that is available on JSTOR. if you have access to JSTOR through your school or public library, you can download the file. Otherwise, you can access up to three articles at a time for free on JSTOR if you register for an account. The article is titled "The Indo-European Prehistory of 'Yoga' ". I will also give you the link.



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Guest Ramamitham

Facts About Shiva!


Lord Shiva the supreme soul do has five forms and do five things


Esana, Thathpurusa, agora, Vamadeva, Sathyojatha


He can do Create, protect, destroy, make something disappear without any balance, blessing.


So he referred as anaathi (An +aAthi) That mean who has no starting point. he has never been created. he has no origin or no end.


Also he always uses things which are not used by others 




All people uses creams and cosmetics lotions to body he uses ash.

People likes golds and Silver ornaments, he like snakes over her body

People like nice homes to stay, he like cremation ground to stay

people like silks and dresses, he likes the tiger skin

people like sweets he like Poison ( NeelaKandan) 

Even the picture in the given link


shows him taking the poison.


So he takes which people cant or not afford to take.


So presenting Drugs Opium to the Lord Shiva is to show him that we must not get addicted to opium, 

Its not for People but for the god and the almighty Lord shiva who can not be manipulated with anything.


Shiva means Pure Thats why he is been called as Amalan, Vimalan


It means he is the real pure that means one cannot make him impure.


So he cannot be manipulated with drugs.




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Guest madhav

shiva is that blissful & innocent consciousness which exists in every atom of the universe and also in us. celebrating this shiva tatva in oneself is called SHIVARATRI Shiva means Yourself. your innermost core the purest self - sri sri ravi

physical nature has set laws within which all life needs to happen . but the fundamental nature of human being is always longing to go beyond those limitations. spiritual process is about breaking the laws of the physical. in that sense we are all
outlaws and shiva is the ultimate outlaw. you can't worship him but you are welcome to join the gang --
sadhguru jaggi vasudev


sri sri ravi shankar & sadhguru jaggi vasudev videos on youtube



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