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Alcohol and Back to spiritual path

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Guest Guesty

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Hi Guys,


I have been drinking alcohol on and off for 3 years at university. However this has been very rarely once every 6 months. I was wondering whether i could get back to spiritual path and make a connection with Krishna. 


I also want to stop drinking alcohol

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Its never late to start and Krishna is one who forgive everyone who seeks him and ready to give up sins.. But a word of advice.. ask yourself why did u wish to leave this path in first place.. if its just for curosity again, then you will find yourself back to square one. Change your company and try find companies of true vaishnav[krishna devotees].

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Guest sheetal

yesYou are the child of God first and then your parents .GodLoves all.He gives same treatment to everyone but our karms push up back.so be faithful on him ,surrender him completely and one day there will be mircale in your life.

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