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Kali, end of times

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Krishna said that he comes in the end of times to save the world from unjustice. Now, Christ says the same.. Do you believe this is a internal  thing or more of a worldy thing where everyone will see him? "The kingdom of God is within you.." - Jesus "The supersoul helps from within.." "..and the demons finally attain peace.." - Krishna



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I don't know your nationality, But Lord krishna is God himself and the xesus is calling himself as middleman or a sort of mediator, HE HAS CLEARLY STATED THAT HE IS NOT GOD,

Now having the issue sorted out.

About who said what, Lord Narayan takes the avatar whenever is disciples call him, that is..........

There is something called as inheriting the gunas of that particular deity... For example if women pray Devi Sita or Mother Tulasi, they inherit the guna of that particular deity, the women never look at other men and will be very pious and devoted to her husband. Another example is if one prays Gurunanak, the follower will die for other, Just go and say to them that your religious temple is under threat, they will sacrifice their life for other people's religion.


Now coming to your vatican sponsored israeli xesus, now whoever prays him, ends up in spitting venom, just ask any hindu converted to this foreigner, he will say that kali is not god, he will say all sorts of hatred and ill against sanatana dharma(a.k.a Hinduism), Even though his ancestors for lakhs of years where worshipping these deities, at the end the output will be hatred against his ancestors, he will say that he will go to heaven and all hindus will go to hell because their gods are all evil.

Another output of worshiping this foreigner,,,, just look at all  the christian countries, can u say a single savithri or sita? leave that atleast one women who says that she has not indulged in divorce. sorry that was 20 years, back, currently if you ask these christian country women, they will say that this child is born to this boy friend and that child was born to another boy friend. 20 years back it was that child born to that husbad and this child born to that husband.

Now no husbands only boy friends,,,,,,,,,,


Just by seeing the label as water in a bottle, the contents does not become water, The qualities of water determine it as water.


We indians pray to Lord Krishna, output is ... we give place to all religions we do not humiliate other people's religions, but just go to vatican and say we want to construct a temple, see the consequences.....


We gave place to syrian christianity when it was going to become extinct by the christians.. the consequence..they forgot that india is the land which gave birth to dharma, the budha, mahveera, and the great god guru nanak..... every where they construct a church and indulge in communalism and hatred and spread venom against other people's religions.


They tried to do the same thing in kashhmir, one couple was converted, the muslims called the church priest and asked him to leave kashmir.


human beings don't need religion, they need good education, healthcare, homes, sanitation.


christians looted india for 450 years, and made india a poor country after this they are constructing orphanages and charitable institutions,,,, why..... to convert.....



if one converts to Christianity he ceases to be an Indian. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar-Founding father of indian consitition.(referring to the offer made by christian missionaries to convert).



Christian proselytizing is the “deadliest poison that ever sapped the foundation of truth" - Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi

Beware from these people who post that xesus had said this and said that,,,, the bible is stolen from jews.... In india they are calling the bible as vedhas,,,,In malaysia they printed in bible that allah is god...........



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