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Travelling experience of Navagraha Temple in Tamil Nadu

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The oldest and one of the powerful clump of the Navagraha temple since Chola’s rule in located in the Kumbakonam sector in Tamilnadu state. This is a group of temples located in various villages in and around Kumbakonam. The main lord’s in this temple is the lord sun which is one of the planet and lord Shiva. The main temple is built in between 11th and 12th century and the remaining temples are constructed earlier 7th – 9th century. The main reason to visit these temples once in a lifetime to erase all the sin’s that are done in the past life and to get Moksha for the future and entire life.



  • Surya Navagrahastalam – Sooriyanar Kovil
  • Chandra Navagrahastalam – Thingaloor
  • Angaarakan Navagrahastalam – Vaitheeswaran Kovil
  • Budha Navagrahastalam – Thiruvenkadu
  • Guru Navagrahastalam – Alangudi
  • Sukra Navagrahastalam – Kanjanur
  • Shani Navagrahastalam – Thirunallar
  • Raahu Navagrahastalam – Thirunageswaram
  • Ketu Navagrahastalam – Keezhperumpallam



[TABLE="width: 99%, align: center"]

[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="width: 49%, bgcolor: transparent"]Suryan (The Sun) – Suriyanar Koil[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]3 Kms. from Aduthurai which is on the

Kumbakonam- Mayiladuthurai Road[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Chandran( The Moon) – Thingaloor[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]1.5 Kms from Thirupayhanam which is on the Kumbakonam-Thiruvayyaru Road[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Angaraka( Sevvai ) The Mars Vaitheeswarankoil[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]4 Kms. from Mayiladuthurai on the Chidambaram Road[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Budan( The mercury) – Trivenkadu[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]10 Kms. SouthEast of Sirkali[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Guru( The Vyazhan-Jupiter) – Alangudi[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]About 15 Kms from Kumbakonam

on the way to NeedaMangalam[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Sukran(Velli-The Venus)

- Kanjanoor[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]An interior village on the

Mayiladuthurai – Kathiramangalam Road[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Sani( The Saturn) – Thirunallar[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]On the way to Peralam- Karaikkal. 5 Kms from karaikkal[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Raghu - Thirunageswaram[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]About 7 Kms from Kumbakonam-Karaikkal Road[/TD]


[TR="bgcolor: transparent"]

[TD="bgcolor: transparent"]Kethu- Keezhaperumpallam[/TD]

[TD="width: 51%, bgcolor: transparent"]Near PoomPuhar Mayiladuthurai-Poompuhar road[/TD]



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