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ultimate goal of bhakti devotion

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Shri hari


In bhagavat mahatmaya extracted from padma purana and in second chapter we find that sayujyata is the highest.


In second adhya of bhavatam mahatmya




Narada muni says:


सत्यदित्रीयुगे बोधवैरग्यी मुक्तीसाधकी

कली तु केवला भक्तिर्ब्रम्हसायुज्यकरीनी ।।


Meaning =

In satya dvapar and treta yuga there were knowledge and detachment to attain liberation but in kaliyuga only bhakti(devotion) can attain bramhasayujya mukti.



This proves that goal of bhakti is sayujya mukti.


So ultimately out of four liberation sayujya mukti (oneness with lord krishna) is the highest.


Devotion of lord krishna in oneness with him is the highest.cuz it can attain highest bliss bramhan.




ॐ हरी ।।

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