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Prayers for Srimati Tulasi Devi

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daily do ppoja to tulasi plant

or during bath use this tulasi mantra


'yanmoole sarva theerthani

yanmadhve sarva devathan,

yadhagre sarva devaschya

tulasim twaam namamyaham'



yaanikanicha paapani brahma

hatyadhi kani cha tani tani

pranasyanthi pradakshinam

pade pade

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Hare Krishna,

please accept, my humble obeisances,

all glories to Srila Prabhupada,


Dear devotees and forum member do you know where to find good prayer for Srimati Tulasi Devi?And padyavali in english pdf ?



This is the Hindu prayer normally recited while praying to the Tulsi plant. The Tulsi or the Holy Basil plant is worshipped everyday in most Hindu families .The prayer is recited early in the morning while watering the Tulsi plant after having a bath.This prayer or Prarthana is a verse from the Tulsi Stotra.:pray:



I bow before you Tulsi giver of auspiciousness, the darling of Vishnu l

I bow before you Goddess, the giver of liberation and wealth ll


Tulsi Prarthana

Namastulsi kalyani namo vishnupriye l

Namo mokshprade devi nam: sampatpradayike ll


तुलसी प्रार्थना

नमस्तुलसि कल्याणी नमो विष्णुप्रिये शुभे

नमो मोक्षप्रदे देवी नम: संपत्प्रदायिके

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