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I bought 2-24 mukhi rudraksha from a trusted dealer in Mumbai, I got a neck mala made adding a Nepalese 1 mukhi moon. But i dint see any changes. I approached Rudraksha Ratna , they suggested me to add a java 1 mukhi and 17 mukhi and have armlets made. I am thankful to them for making 2 armbands for me (of course they charged) (1, with all odd no. mukhis and 2nd with all even no. mukhis). and they also confirmed that my 2-14 mukhi were original (thank GOD).


Its almost 3 months now wearing the armlets but I dont see any change instead stiffness in my centre of my back has retuned. I contacted Rudraksha Ratna online, now I am suggested to buy 15 & 16 mukhi with some ruby-coral bracelet. I dont want to waste more money till I see any positives as 1 mukhi ( and its not moon, a small one costing around 25000) alone should be very powerful.


I do wear them daily morning after my daily puja and showing dia (light) and incense and chanting Om Namah Shivay.

I would be highly obliged if readers may suggest me what am I missing and why am I not able to see positive changes.

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There are more myths than reality about rudraksha. Most of the claims are false and wrong and carry no truth. We have highly sensitive magnetometers and we were surprised that rudrakshas have no such properties as claimed by many websites. Please read the following informative article to understand the things better.

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jatilo mundee lunchhita kesah kaashaayaambara bahukrita veshah

pasyannapi cha na pasyati moodhohy udaranimittam bahukritaveshah...

An ascetic with matted locks, a person with shaven head, one more with hair pulled or plucked out and another parading with ochre or any other colour robes, all these are for a livelihood. they all have eyes but yet do not see. all these are indeed disguises and deceptions for the sake of filling one's stomach.

If you want success, change your attitude, work hard, pick up the opportunities and options around you, think positively and actively; be a Asthik or Nasthik but don't be a Pseudo Asthik.

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Dear Friend,

Mainly I would like to ask you, the purpose for putting this on.. ?


What is your desire or What are you trying to benefit ?


Dear friend, i would suggest you with a advice of cleaning the Amulet on a full Moon Night with Water, Cows Milk,Sandalwood, offering red rice with some Durva grass, Clean it with Water & and than offering Incense placing the amulet over orange colored velvet Cloth, which has the Durva Grass over it, chant the below mantra for 108 times.


|| Om shreem hreem gleem glaum gum ganapatye varavaradha saravajanam mein vashamaha ye svaha ||


Once you done with the Chanting just meditate as per your age, If you are 25 than sit for 25 min at-least. Clear your mind with all thoughts. Have no questions or think of your desires. Once you done meditating just pick up the Amulet expose this to the Moon light and put it on. Offer some green grass to the cow next day.


The more you feed the cows the more benefits you will see in coming days.


I would be glad if you can post your reply back .. Let God be with you !!!


Hare Krshna !!!

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Please do abhishek with Water mixed with Ganga Jal and then offer Kapoor Deep to it and then wear it in neck after chanting Om Namah Shivay. Never wear rudraksha without abhishek. My personal expirence after doing above has given me positive effect. if possible learn to make your own mala. I every month make mala in White Woolen thread.It should be made such that it has Bramha Knot at head and tail.




Divyesh V Trivedi

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