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Baglamukhi sadhana..some doubts some problems

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After going through some terrible and apparently unsolvable problems,i was forced to seek some spiritual help.Although i had spiritual experiences all my life,i never believed them and became extreme atheist.

I have seen some mantra in dream but could only read one word of it "dushta" and when i started baglamukhi sadhana i remembered i had seen this mantra in dream.Please don't laugh.

When i started this sadhana...all my extreme internal negativity started disappearing ....after that i got diksha from guru....i am still doing this sadhana and i find it very powerful and potent.


Now my question:

I have been told by another brahman not to do any tantric sadhana because the goddess will harm you in the end.Is it true? How that could happen?


Now coming to my problems,i have suffered some catastrophic problems from govt and some other people and i was angry before this sadhana....I need to get this problem solved and pls don't preach to me about love and compassion for humanity.I can no longer feel it.I tried some sattvic sadhana but it has not helped at all.

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Guest realglobal

My topic is here from 2012 and nobody has replied...seems like indiadivine gets thousands of reads but zero replies.

so here i am after doing sadhana..

i was going through divorce and court definitely acted against me.Everybody involved durign divorce case cheated me and i lost all the cases.

The only good thing happened was my divorce is over and i am free.

Since i was not helped by anybody during sadhana and i didn't know all the rules.

so let me discuss few rules for new sadhaks.


1)Keep the sadhana entirely secret.Once you disclose,the power is gone and you will definitely suffer the reverse consequences of sadhana.I suffered from that.I am disclosing here because i have stopped doing sadhana.The regimen is too much for me in busy city like mumbai.

2)Never say a bad word,think worse thoughts about women.This sadhana simply won't work.In my case since i was going through divorce and mostly women(wife.her mother lawyer,relatives etc) cheated me,i was very angry.But i calmed down later.

3)Regular timings are very very important.Since i stayed alone,i could not observe yama niyam about food.

4)The sadhana really cures psychological problems.It removes all negative thoughts and make you a normal person.

5)More faith you have in mata,more beneficial efforts will be

6)Nothing will happen which is not in your fate.I was destined to lose case and pay money.I did that and i am free.I am grateful for mata who helped me in this matter.



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Guest Ritesh Dubey

hello sir...


need complete start to end vidhi on this sadhana..can u pls help me..i am still single and have a plce to do this sadhana with complete secrecy and peace..kindly help me.



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Thanks for sharing your experience.


Baglamukhi saadhana can give you reverse results if not performed correctly. But you can read kshama praarthana at the end (even more than once if you feel like it)


And I agree, if you're doing the saadhana for victory against a woman then you can't help but be angry on that woman.


Anyhow, would you like to share more details on your saadhana since you did this saadhana a long time ago?

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