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What Are The Most Common Deities Worshiped In Hinduism?

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Mystical Lotus

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2 Siva

3 Durga i and her various manifestations - kali, tara, tripura sundari, buvaneswari, bhairavi china masta, dumavati, bagalamuki, matangi and kamalatmika -( the ten maha vidyas )

4. Kartikeya

5 Sasta

5 Vishnu and his various manifestations - krishna, rama, narashima, varaha murty, Hayagriva etc

6 Lakshmi

7 Saraswati

8 Hanuman


These are the most common deities worshiped in present Hinduism. There are many other uncommon ones like, for example, yama the lord of death, Chandragupta his accountant, Sun god, ect. The Idea is that each soul is uniquely suited to worship a particular deity. There are three approaches to choose a deity:

1. the deity that most appeals to you emotionally

2. The one which is advised to you from your astrological chart

3 . The one that is given to you by a accomplished guru.


You may start with the first method . Majority of Hindus do that. Latter on you may graduate to the third one.


There are many many deities in Hinduism . The idea is that each soul is uniquely suited to a unique deity for spiritual prograss. But ultimately there is ony one divinity called Brahman and all the deities are forms fashioned out of this same divine contant. We need a form - a deity - because we cannot grasp formless attribute less brahman. However Advanced Hindu ascetics directly worship Brahman. For rest of we lesser mortals need a form to worship. And the most suited form psychologically and spiritually suited to us will be the most benificial one for each. and that is the reason there are so many deities in Hinduism.

Best wishes


Ra Zious

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Hari om ,



In hinduism there r many people who worship their desired gods according to in which gunas they r .




Generally in hinduism people worship lord krishna lord rama and lord shiva.


Cuz lord Vishnu or krishna is called as absolute reality . so many learned bramhans worship krishna or vishnu....

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