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My Conversation with GOD and his/her Secure Well-Being

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Good day



Due to ailing health on Planet Earth...And continuing decline of civilization,


I asked what people on Earth refer to as personal higher power or the vocabulary word God.


I told her/his that humans here need assistance immediately before deceit is increased.

Reply was that false religion caused this.

I replied it's your responsibility when you awake to solve living being's problems.

Reply was I cannot and I am not as powerful or intelligent as defined.

I replied you are most overrated in that.

Reply was it is correct but I am underrated as a person.

I replied you are absolutely correct.


Second part of our conversation:

Their point: I or we cannot do anything to solve Earth's problems.

My reply: There is no 'I' but there is a We.

Their point: We agree.

My point: Is your energy being tortured or disrespected ?

Their point: Yes and I am ashamed of malevolent actions.

My reply: Try telling them you are free from this.

Their: I never declare or said ever to anyone.


My conversation closer:

Ok, we need to work together to solve our problems and there cannot be any weakness. If one person or being suffers you do later. And due to irrevocable cause and effect you are flawed.



You or they cannot hurt us and we are invincible or close to it. But you are strong for understanding freedom and liberty.



I am pleased you know what will happen.



We apologize for not doing more but we are weak to Yoga Maya.

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