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whos right? who cares?

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HI. People dont reply much here do they.

Hmmm. Anyway, it looks like the Caitanya crew dont much like the Advaita philosophy.

Does anyone know what the iskons make of someone like ramana maharshi and his methods?

do they hold credence?

to me advaita is synonymous with daoism and zen .

i must admit the new age freaks have certainly jumped on the advaita bandwagon.

whelp, bye bye .

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I dont really know what Isconnian make of Ramana maharashi. It is for them to state their position. But I have an inference that they may not approve of Ramana maharashi's method, since it has no role of Krishna bhakti - not even any other god worship - in it. It is highly secular technique, though it has scriptural support both of Upanishads and of Kashmir Saivism - his technique of self enquiry is called Saktopaya in Kashmir Saivism.


No. Advaida is not synonymous with Daoism or Zen , though there might be some similarities and commonalities. I will not be able to give right now a detailed argument for this claim, as that requires a detailed exposition of not only Advaida but also of Zen and Daoism. I simply am not feeling like up to such a tedious task right now. Besides, who cares any whey in these forums?



Magic Flute

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