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Future events and predictions

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Many years ago I heard from Atma Tattva Prabhu class about furture predictions.

The class was from Bhavisiya Purana. Few weeks ago I also got very nice commentaries to Nostradamus prophecies.

Seems like all started make sense for me, we are approaching slowly end of this civilization.

Not now but in not so far away future.

and it is all about the Muslims and telling more about the Talibans.

They similar to all kali yuga demons (Atilla, Chin Gis, Napolleon, Lenin, HIlter, Stalin and so on) want to re-create country called Great Taliban.

and they will succeed...

They will start from Pakistan and stolwly take over all Muslim world.

They will have great leader Mahdi

they will have secret pact with China and attack Europe (China will attack Russia)

It is very interesting to tell that III world war will start at night after big pack of pease bettwen all the Muslims, Jews, Hindu and Christians will be signed in Israel.

So far there are many symptoms but some have not manifested yet

1. Still the county did not manifested

2. Tajwan is still independent from China

but it may soon happen..

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