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Astrology....... Does it work if you dont know the exact time of birth?

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I had a question about astrology. I have in the past really not considered much about it. I do believe in it but have never gone into detail. I recently got married and I keep getting this gut feeling that things have started to go wrong. Its like I have some kind of bad luck around me. So i was wondering if I could get some help with astrology.


I have gotten some horoscopes made in the past and paid lots of money for them. I dont think that they are accurate. Could this be because I dont know my exact time of birth. Also my partner does not know his exact time of birth either.


I am confused. Please can you guide me.


Thanks in advance.

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You should know that anyone who takes money for the forecast in this free science, the true mind, he can not know it. God has distributed knowledge in this world. Spiritual, he gives spiritual and material knowledge of the worldly mind. The first are not sold as well as the illusion of material you buy for the money.

This astrologer from God intended this world to serve and not to earn astrology, for this purpose in the world there are many professions that can provide sustenance for you and other things.


If you want to know their birth from God, which he hides from all the uninitiated, astrologers, even on days that do not like the fact that astrologers believe how right I can take the case free of charge. I do free estimates, I'm not suicidal, to lose the gift received from God? But I do not know English and translate written by the electronic Google translator. I'm from Russia, and English is not taught. I apply for the rectification of the birth of your blood group, name and surname. the name of your family and even his grandfather on his mother and father. I will need the exact coordinates vaego home, the place where was your mom to most genera, there lies your soul that is always in place, and moves along the plane of the world your mind. That coordinate, you can get with the program Google Earth., Put your mouse exactly on the roof of your parents, or the place where they were 10 days before delivery .. Astrology exact science and the code of birth at the exact coordinates gives the knowledge of your destiny in life. According to him, as you have done is determined by the dharma and the day of death.

Then I need to check the event dates of birth of your brothers and sisters, they will be in your code, birth registered in order, from older brothers to younger sex and even by name.

I will need to know who runs your mother and father, it will also identify the first house as the 10 occupations of your mother's house. Or tenth house from 9 father's house??

I see that you do not disclose to all their personal data. . You can change them all, and I was in my private messages to write accurate. Horoscope of your husband, I will not do that because it takes time. Especially since you still have all given to me the names of your relatives to tell me. In honor of whom they are and what God is behind them. The value of the Indian names I have, but not very complete glossary. Even if you do decide on this act, and your destiny is leading you to cheat, you still answer me and tell me that I did not look once more into your subject.

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respected sir,

currently i am going through a very rough phase.2 years back i had a

miscarriage and since then i am trying for a baby but with no

success.could u please tell when i will conceive and have a baby?

my date of birth-07/02/1980


place-asansol(west bengal)

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In my opinion, exact time of birth and birth place is very important to cast a chart. If time is known within few minutes, it may be rectified based on past incidences. Facial features may also guide to ascertain the lagna and thus near time of birth that can be rectified. It requires lot of work but to some extent it may be possible. Hope it helps.



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