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Kal Sarpa yoga - No Job and mental harmony

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Hi ,

I am 28 yr male and been going through a rough phase in life for quit some time . I have done my masters in 2009 and since then have done jobs for short durations for 6 & 7 months respectively.. I cant keep up the job and also in spite of having all the comforts i am not able to live peacefully.


There has been a break of 3 years after my graduation. There has been lots of breaks for me when life is supposed to move smoothly . This has been there since 2003-2004 .However of late there has been a relief but still i am not satisfied .


Can someone please help me to know the following .


1) When will i get a stable job ( time and month )

2) When will i get married


Personal details :

DOB : 3- Oct -1983 ; Day - Monday ; Time : 9:10 AM


I was advised to where a yellow sapphire and a moti last year as i have kal sarpa yog and i have done the same( in july 2010). I was told that i was running the anterdasha of ketu untill december 2010 and Mahadasha of sun has just started from jan 2011 . Can you please tell me how will the sun maha dasha will be for me and when will the situation improve


Thanks & Regards,


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For Kaal Sarpa yoga, I received one manthra from my friend. I dont know the original source of this manthra. This manthra is related to Adhisesha. He is the king of Serpants.


1. Sesham mahasarpam beema roopam bayankaram

jagannatham namami vandhe adhisesham


2. Sahasraseersham sarpanaadham kaarunyamoorthim jagathprabum

vishwa-rakshakam namami vandhe adhisesham


3. Vishnubhaktham pralaya hastham bhoo parigraham anantham

aanandharoopam namami vandhe adhisesham


4. Vishwapriyam bakthathoshatham bakthakaamatham narayanapriyam

vishnuthalpam namami vandhe adhisesham


5. sarparajam kalakalakniroopam kalasarpam

vishnuswaroopam namami vandhe adhisesham


6. sarpa thosha nivaranam sarva paapa nashanam

maha thejomayam namami vandhe adhisesham


7. sangarshanam balaramam athreyam divyaroopam

baathalavaasam namami vandhe adhisesham


8. kanaka kireeta vibhushanam kalakantam kashyapasutham

brahmaswaroopam namami vandhe adhisesham


adhiseshashtakam idham punyam ya pateth bhakthi maan nara:

sarva paapa prashamanam, sarva dhosha nivarthanam,

sarva mangala praptham, namami vandhe adhisesham





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There is a solution for any problem in this world, my Guruji tells always.


There is a solution to your problem in Atarvana, i.e. "APOORNA KAALASARPA NAGAMANDALA " pooja. If you come to the YEGANOOR TEMPLE, a saligram ksetra in Raichur, Karnataka, this pooja will be done for you at free of cost. Every second saturady this Nagamandal a pooja will be conducted for the publics at free of cost at in this temple.


This pooja is blessed with the Sri Sri Sri Prahallada Guruji.


Jai Gurudev

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