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i have been having been going through a very hard time in my life for a very long time. it feels asthough when i take one step forward i endup taking 2 step backwards. i cannot keep a job in my choosen feild for longer then three months. i feels like the people i work for all they want to do is hold me back, and rip me off so i could remain a begger for the rest of my life. i need to go back to school but i cant afford it cause of my job situation. it feels as though when people come into my life all they want to do is use me, and if they cant use me them they try to mentally distroy me. i dont speak to any of my friends in the past cause i realise that they are no different from the rest of the people in my life. because of all this i suffer from seriouse deppression, it has gotten to the point where i have to take medication. i have no friends and im so very lonely, that i feel like crying. when i wake up in the morning, i tend to say to myself that my life is a peice of shit. i noticed that people who tend to practise astrology are the one who frecueantly come in to my like and try to distroy it, it has gotten to to point where if im invited to the mandir i do not go cause im scared when might happen. all i want to do is uplift my life and make my mother proud and i cant do this. when will my life change? i cannot take this any more, everyone around my is moving on with their life and im suck here just watching everyone past me by.


please can some one help me. thank you and god bless



april 29 1982

9:18 pm (aprrox time)

toronto, ontario

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