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my daughter is born in US find raasi and nakshtra

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Good day to you Roopa Kotta Ji,


Your daughter was born in the Rashi of Vrishabha (Taurus ) with Chandra in the Nakshatra of Kritthika pada 4 on a Amavasya day. The Moon is at 07 deg 40 while the Sun is at 08. Deg 08 . Lagna is In Scorpio at 29.55 . I hope you got the time of Birth correctly. The lagna deg is at the edge and 1 minute later the lagna changes to Dhanu . This is as per the detail's you have submitted above. / born in New york, USA DOB: May 22nd 2001 / TOB: 9:53 PM


Time zone is 5 DST 1 . Lat 40N42 - 74w00 Long. (Lahari Ayanamsha )

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Dear roopakotta,


Your daughter is born in Kritthika Nakshatra 4th quarter. Her Rasi is Vrishabha (Taurus)


Yes she has Amavasya birth and when you go to India next time - you can arrange for a Amavasya shanti pooja for the welfare of the child and your family in general.



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Here's your child Jyotish details:


Rasi = Taurus / Vrishabha

Nakshatra = Krttika, 4 padam

Lagna = Scorpio/ Vrishchika 29.55 degrees

Dasha at the time of birth = Sun / Ketu

Present Dasha = Moon / Venus



Swami Krsna

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