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Vinayak Sharma

Should i wear blue sapphire ?

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Dear VS:

You have Saturn in the 12th house, the house of losses. I will not recommend you to wear Blue Sapphire, as it will bring bad luck and very many losses including imprisonment to you, especially during Saturn periods. So avoid it. Consider wearing Rahu Gem - Gomedh in the middle right hand finger. It will bring extreme luck to you.

Good Luck

Swami Krsna

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Boy... you have something in common with my horoscope.. NO PLANETS IN KENDRA (STRUGGLES IN LIFE AND YOU ALWAYS FEEL SOMETHING MISSING... Nevertheless, good position of planets for remembering god and doing good to others.. though u do not get acknowledged for your good work.).




-you can wear emerald if you want to or diamond. Avoid ruby, coral and yellow sapphire.


-Keep your instinct and desires for girls in check.


-Chances of travelling and settling to foreign countries are possible.


-You need to create an urge or desire to work as no planets in kendra and even in 9th house shows initial cold nature towards work. But planets in 5th house helps.


-Pray Lord shiva and the best remedy above all gemstones is to chant 108 times MAHA MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA of lord shiva everyda.

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Blue Sapphire can be worn by you as your lord is Saturn (shani). You may buy a 6 carat stone and make a ring. Has to be worn in the middle finger of right hand. Please note that you should feel positive when you wear it. I mean your intuition should direct you to positive thoughts for a positive turn of events.....

All the best.....

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