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birth chart analysis

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please enlighten me on the following yogas in a birthchart:


1. Mars mercury in Aries.

2. Venus in Taurus.

3. Rahu in gemini.

4. Saturn in libra.

5. Jupiter in sagittarius.

6. Moon in capricon.

7. Sun in pisces.


Pls tell me the effects of jupiter transit in aries n taurus on this.



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respected madam,u have not mentioned what is the ascendant of the chart???as far as the transit of jupiter is considered, the moon sign is capricorn. so, roughly, that is when u consider the jupiters's transit alone, that too from the natal moon sign alone; jupiter is transiting the fourth and the fifth houses.without bothering abt the ashtakavarag strength, the jupiter's trasnit in the fourth from the moon sign is not very positive. some of the results are loss through deceit, loss of artciles, accidents in travel etc.however, jupiter when trasnit the fifth hpuse from the moon sign gives defenitley better results, which include luxury, gain of knowledge, favours from superiors, gains through wealthy people etc.plese bear in mind that, these trasnits are to be read along with the natal dasa bhuksthi one is undergoing at the moment and these transit results may get modified depending upon this fact, according to a majority of the astrologers.Good luck...

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