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Marriage possibility at all?

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Dear Guruji,


I have a 28 year old daughter. I have been trying to get her married since the last 5 years. One after the other, nothing ever seems to work. She is not maanglik and has no evident problems. Every person I have shown her chart to gives me a certain date or period and that date or time comes and goes and nothing happens. For the last couple of times, her marriage gets nearly fixed and then something happens and it doesn't work out. She is depressed by now. Currently, her marriage talk is on with a boy who was very interested so far and now suddenly in last one week is saying he is not sure. I am extremely worried. Kindly advise.


DOB: January 17, 1982

Time of birth: 2.42 p.m

Place of birth: Titlagarh, Bolangir,Orissa, India

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In her horoscope the lord of Seventh(Mars) is in Graha Yudha with Shani, so indicates delay in marriage. Howeve there is a parivarana yoga owing to Saturn and Mercury is mutual exchange of house, plus there is the lagndadipathi in it(Venus for Vrishaba Lagna). Right now she is going through Guru Dasa, and followed by Shandi Dasa after 2014, so as a remedial measure ask her to Chant Vishnu Sahasranama every day, and possible worship LakshmiNarasimha. Delay is there but, don't loose hope.


One more advice, arrange a marriage with some one who has strong Mars in there horoscope ( someone with Mars in Makara Rasi or in Vrishika or Scorpio).

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-If she is working she may have a good job and will be earning good.

-sun , mercury and venus presence shows inclination of a person towards not marrying sometimes and its presence in dharma shows that she is more inclined towards spiritual rites.

-Jupiter in 6th house may show problems of cough and accidents.

-presence of lord of 7th , Mars in 5th house with presence of saturn shows delay in marriage and even marriage to younger person is possible.



Perform following remedies:

-Perform Durga pooja everyday and distribute sweets to young childrens.

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