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Boy Name suggestion requested from Vishnu Sahasranamam

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We are in the process of naming our second boy child who will be born in January 2011. We want to keep a name from Vishnu Sahranamam. We want the name to begin with the alphabet ‘M’.

There are many with M.., nevertheless, only a few attracted us. One name we liked was ‘Mahotsaho’. However, we would like to break by Mahoth. Similary, we also liked ‘Manado’. Can we break it to ‘Manadh’? Though a few names to break make sense, but it is little confusing if breaking ‘Mahotsaho’ is all right to ‘Mahoth’. Will the meaning of the name remain same? Can you kindly help us?

Mahotsaho – Mahoth

Manado – Manadh

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Breaking a word for convenience is bound to change the meaning of the name. Since each word in Vishnu's 1008 names has at least 1 specific meaning, in general, shortening a name will most likely change the meaning of the name, too. Mahot is a good example, shurely Mahaa + utsaaho is not the same as Mahot. I will try to spend a few hours going through the 1008 names and pick out possible options for you.




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