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wondering if anyone intrested in sharing some personal experience related 2 LORD

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namaskar to all respected elders and all my brothrs and sisters;i just thought of starting this thread so as to know our LORD better..using this space to share thoughts and deepening our love for HIM...do keep posting and enlighten this ignorant one....if its ok with all you respected readers..

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Mmm i don't feel like sharing them now... may be some day i may be in the mood to do just that


In any case, personal heart diary is currently under lock and key :)


Sorry to disappoint you - but read the BhAgvatam, and after that Chaitanya Charitramrut, after that Bruhad BhAgvatAmrut, and other works of VaishNav Acharyas.


* Read poems . bhajans by Bhakti Vinod ThAkur




MhAro ri Giridhar GopAl

Govind MAdhav MurliManohar ShyAmSundar

KamalNayan Shankha Chakra GadAdhar

Hari Mukund MurAri

can't and won't live without You

Chitta hAri VaMshi dhAri ~


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